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How to Ascertain the Best Olive Oil among the Different Types?

How is the extra virgin olive oil different from the regular olive oil?

The basic difference between extra virgin olive oil and regular olive oil lies in the method of extracting the oil which leads to a difference in health properties along with the color of the oil and the taste. The more the oil is processed the fewer benefits it derives for those who consume it.  Extra virgin olive oil contains more polyphenols which is a type of antioxidant with numerous health benefits. The nutritional value of extra virgin olive oil is better in comparison to regular olive oil.

Different types of olive oil are available

Different types of olive oil have different qualities to benefit the consumer. There is much olive oil like extra light olive oil that is available on the market-

  • Extra virgin olive oil– cold-pressed, keeps natural content intact, has low acid content.
  • Virgin olive oil– cold-pressed, unrefined, has an acidic content of max 4%, tastes mild, temperature resistant.
  • Pure olive oil– a mixture of extra virgin or virgin olive oil with refined olive oil, used in cooking, contains vitamin E, used for massage and beauty therapy.
  • Refined Olive Oil– almost the same fat content as others, used primarily for cooking.
  • Olive Pomace Oil– made out of the remains of the extract, mixed with high-quality oil to get good quality; only used for cooking, massage, and therapeutic use.

How To Determine Which Olive Oil To Choose?

Before you go and grab extra light olive oil you should know what aspects you should assess in your olive oil. Some of the determining factors are given below.

The Bottle

The darker a bottle will be the better protection it gets from light and thus keeps the oil high in quality.

The Taste

If possible try to taste the oil before buying it. If the oil tastes a little bitter, pungent with the peppery bite then go for it. This oil contains phenols and polyphenols which people mostly want in olive oil.

The Expiry Date

Always try to buy a fresh bottle of olive oil, and look for the expiry date. If you don’t find it, avoid buying it.

The Type

Before adding it to your cart you must check what kind of oil you are purchasing by looking at the bottle itself.

The Content

Always read the back of the bottle where the contents and the nutritional value are given and then purchase it.

Final Words Before buying olive oil, always be aware and keep in mind the points discussed above. Olive oil can only be beneficial when you buy the correct one. To get the best quality, read about it to understand the different aspects and benefits of olive oil.

Olive oil: Why choose it over other fats?

Olive oil is loaded with heart-healthy fats and antioxidants. That is good for our hearts and reduces the risk of cholesterol. Add olive oil to your daily nutrition diet to make it healthier. Olive oil’s benefits are that it helps to reduce the risk of heart diseases, cancers, and diabetes. The article will be based on deeper thoughts and definitions about olive oil’s health benefits and why you should choose it over other fats. Read on to find out more.

Olive oil

Gaia olive oil contains antioxidants and healthy fatty acids that are good for our hearts. Olive oil also contains vitamin E and vitamin K, which fulfill your daily nutrition requirements. Add a little bit of olive oil to your salad to make it more mouth-watering. Olive oil can be the perfect fit for your daily cooking and make it enriched with more health benefits.

Olive Oil Benefits

Reduce the risk of heart diseases

Olive oil reduce the risk of heart disease

Olive oil is extracted from organic olives. So, apart from beneficial amino acids, olive oil also contains antioxidants and vitamins. Research has proven that olive oil contains powerful antioxidants that can help reduce the risk of cholesterol and other heart diseases.

Prevent strokes

Olive oil Prevent Heart Disease

From a relative field of medical study, olive oil can prevent the second most common cause of death, stroke. Olive oil contains monounsaturated fat that helps reduce the risk of strokes, and heart diseases and gives you a healthy lifestyle boost. Those who consume olive oil have said that it is beneficial in reducing the risk of stroke.

Prevent cancer

Olive oil prevent cancer

Olive oil contains anti-cancer properties. Medical researchers believe that olive oil people have a lower cancer risk. The anti-cancer properties can reduce oxidative damage, which is the core reason for lowering cancer risk.

Why do we choose olive oil over other fats?

Consuming other fatty acids may lead to major coronary heart disease or heart failure. But olive oil is enriched with healthy fats that can lower the risk of cholesterol. While fatty acids may lead to heart disease, healthy fat helps lower bad cholesterol.

Where to buy the best natural olive oil?

For over a decade now, Gaia Good Health has been a trusted brand selling organic olive oil. Gaia’s good health has benefited various people from international countries. They believe that Gaia olive oil is perfect for cooking or salad dressing. Gaia’s good health olive oil is clinically proven and tested before delivery to their customers’ doorstep. Get an admirable discount on your first purchase. To find out more about Gaia’s olive oil, visit

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