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5 Ways Olive Oil Gives You A Healthy Lifestyle Boost

Posted on 14/05/16 3:04 PM
Olive Oil

Greece’s increased consumption of olive oil has a lot to do with a reduced risk of heart disease and lowered cancer risk in the country. Olive oil is slowly gaining popularity all over the world as a healthy cooking option as it is naturally free of cholesteroland is rich in monounsaturated fat (the good fat)

Still not convinced? Here are 5 reasons why you need to make the healthy shift to cooking with Olive Oil

Olive Oil will help you lose weight

Olive Oil will help you lose weight

Olive oil contains the good fats, fats that encourage weight loss. Yes, this is possible as olive oil helps breakdown fats inside fat cells, thus helping you get rid of belly fat. The antioxidants also help your skin look fresh and young.

It improves heart health

improves heart health

Rich in monostaurated fats and anti oxidants, olive oil helps in enhancing longevity as it helps prevent cardiovascular disease, diabetes as well as a lot of other chronic and age-related illnesses. It also helps improve concentration skills, and can help prevent cognitive decline with diseases like Alzeimer’s.

It’s a natural painkiller

natural painkille

Yes, you read that right. Olive oil can act as a natural Ibuprofen, a common painkiller used by many.Olive oil contains oleocanthal, a substance which acts as anti-inflammatory agent.

It improves your circulation

 improves your circulation

Olive oil helps improve blood flow and lessens the effects of a lot of respiratory illnesses. It facilitates easier breathing, and its anti-inflammatory properties have been known to treat asthma.

It helps your stay active

helps your stay active

Olive oil has a lot of minerals, vitamins and antioxidants that keep you rejuvenated and active throughout the day. Olive oil also aids in regeneration of cells.

Keep your heart healthy with olive oil. Know more

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