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Green Tea

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About Green Teas & Infusions


Is Green tea good for weight loss?
Catechin present in green tea boosts metabolism and also helps in burning fat, which in turn helps you lose weight. Being low in calories, you can easily add it to your daily routine and swap it for other unhealthy drinks like sugar-rich soft drinks.

What does green tea do to your digestive system?
Catechin helps increase the activity of the digestive enzyme called pepsin which helps to absorb nutrients faster than the food you consume. Meaning, green tea effectively helps with digestion and the digestive process.

Flavours of Green Tea

Tulsi Green Tea:
Tulsi in itself rejuvenates your body and protects it from free radicals. The entire concoction of Tulsi green tea helps you experience a fresh dose of calm and restorative energy.

Mint Green Tea:
The freshness of mint will help you fight fatigue and refresh your mind to go about your day. One cup of mint green tea will really help your metabolism and aid your digestion.

Lemon & Honey Green Tea:
The honey lemon green tea provides you with a delicately sweet taste while boosting your immune system, aiding digestion and improving cognitive abilities.

Ginger Green Tea:
The ginger in the green tea mix is ideal to fight cold symptoms and is effective against sore throats. Ginger green tea is ideal for an overall healthy body and mind.

Cardamom Green Tea:
Cardamom in itself is considered quite effective to the human body by improving blood circulation, relieving constipation and overall cleansing the body. Cardamom green tea really adds that extra flavour to the mix, making it a rejuvenating brew.

Jasmine Green Tea:
Jasmine green tea helps you calm your nerves just by getting a whiff! The healthy properties of green tea and the flavourful jasmine aroma relaxes your body and has a positive effect on the skin as well.

Lemon Green Tea:
If you are looking for that extra dose of vitamin C with your tea break, then lemon green tea is your choice. Vitamin C detoxifies your body, strengthens your immune system and provides that extra boost of energy to get through the day.

Green Tea Leaves:
Nothing beats your pure green tea leaves. Rich in L-theanine and Catechin, these green tea leaves help you boost your metabolism, rejuvenate your body and mind, and helps alleviate depression and anxiety.

When should you drink Green Tea?

Consuming green tea pre-workout helps you fight muscle damage during the session. It also helps with soreness and prevents the knots you feel after a workout.

It is suggested not to consume green tea immediately after meals.  Ideally, you should drink green tea before the meal to get the best benefits from both the tea and the meal.

Green Tea Recipe

How to make green tea? It’s a common question around. The recipe below consists of basic steps you need to follow, to get that right brew.

  • Add 2 to 2.5g of green tea leaves to 180ml of water.
  • Brew it for about a minute.
  • Strain it to a cup and enjoy your healthy drink

Making Green Tea with Tea Bags <br>The idea of making green tea with tea bags is pretty much similar to those of using tea leaves. Check it out:

  • Heat some water in a stainless steel vessel.
  • Put the green tea bag into the cup.
  • Add the hot water into the cup and let it steep for 2-3 min.
  • Check if the taste is to your liking. If you like a strong brew, then let it steep for a minute more.
  • Stir the drink, add condiments like honey or lemon, and enjoy the drink.
  • Each flavour or type of green tea slightly differs in the making, but the above-mentioned steps will help you guide through a good brew of green tea.

What are the advantages of Green Tea?
• Helps in weight loss
• Helps improve immunity
• Improves your digestive system
• Stimulates the functioning of your brain
• Gives a flawless and healthy-looking skin
• Works to ease stress and anxiety

What does Infusion mean and what are its health benefits?
‘Infusion’ refers to the process of steeping plants or fruits or flowers in hot water. It sounds a lot like making a cup of tea, but an infusion doesn’t come from the traditional tea plant. Simply, it hasn’t got any tea leaves in it.

Since infusions have no ‘tea’, they have zero caffeine and serves as an ideal bedtime drink. Gaia’s range of infusions that are made with flowers like Camomile, Hibiscus, Rose and Moringa have a myriad number of health benefits. It helps calm and relax anxious nerves, helps fight insomnia etc.

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