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Healthy Cooking Mediums

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About Healthy Cooking Mediums

What is the first thing that you pick in your kitchen to cook your favourite vegetable or a healthy plate of lentils? Yes, of course the cooking oil. The kind of cooking oil that makes your kitchen actually reflect the health of your family. It is always advisable to use a cooking medium that is healthy and is renewed to deliver higher life expectancies. One such cooking medium is Olive Oil. Formulated with different formulations and compositions, olive oil is known for delivering healthier lifestyles and longer life expectancies while reducing the risk of heart disorders. Gaia comes with its exclusive range of olive oil with a view to sustain healthy lifestyles and make health taste better.

What are healthy cooking mediums?
One important aspect of cooking delicious and healthy meals in the cooking medium, the method that you use to cook your food. Going deeper to know your cooking medium, think whether the oil you use or an alternative cooking medium that you use is healthy or not? When you get your answers, do consider thinking in the way of health.

What are the advantages of healthy cooking mediums?
• Rich in antioxidants
• Reduce the risk of diabetes
• Support, maintain, and strengthen cardiovascular health
• Anti-bacterial properties that support digestive health

Why is Olive Oil healthier than vegetable Oil?
Olive Oil is known to be one of the most versatile and healthy cooking mediums with a high concentration of mono-saturated fats that exhibit anti-inflammatory properties. Moreover, lower smoking point and high concentration of anti-oxidants also add to the health benefits of using olive oil. On the other hand, vegetable oil contains polyunsaturated fats that are pro-inflammatory and can cause heart problems. Moreover, there are no anti-oxidants present in vegetable oil.

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