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Gaia Plus Neem Capsules


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About this item


60 Capsules


Neem (Azadirachta Indica) Leaf extract 250mg

Storage info

Keep in a cool, dark and dry place away from moisture. To be stored out of reach of children.

Direction of Usage

  • One or two capsules twice a day. To be used under medical supervision only

Gaia Plus Neem Capsules

Neem or Azadirachta Indica has anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and blood purifying properties. Neem helps prevent skin problems and keeps your skin healthy and glowing. It helps regulate blood sugar and is useful for people suffering from diabetes. Neem Capsule increases the body’s resistance against infections by strengthening the immune system and helps de-worm the intestines.

Key Features & Benefits


Has blood purifying properties that helps deliver a glowing healthy skin


Helps increase body’s resistance against various toxins


Has proven anti-viral properties and medicinal properties such as anti-fungal, anti-diabetic and anti-bacterial


Improves body's metabolism


Serves as a blood purifier

frequently asked questions

How is neem beneficial for my health?

Neem is a natural herb used since time immemorial for many health-related purposes, including constipation, cough, indigestion, urinary tract infection, and skin disorders. At times when it becomes difficult to consume neem in its natural form, supplements come into play. Moreover, supplements are the best when considering their quality and efficacy.

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