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Extra light olive oil health benefits: Why is it best for light cooking?

Posted on 22/03/22 10:05 AM
Olive oil for cooking

Extra light olive oil refers to its flavor and color. Extra light olive oil has gone through more refining processes than olive oil. The extra light olive oil has phenolic compounds, which is the core reason why it’s more beneficial and healthier than olive oil. The elements present in extra light olive oil reduce the risk of cancer, cholesterol, and heart diseases. Read on to find out more about the nutrition facts.

Extra light olive oil

Gaia extra light olive oil has various nutritional benefits than your regular cooking oil. Every type of cuisine is best known for cooking and baking with extra light olive oil. Adding extra light olive oil can make every type of dish more lip-smacking and make it healthier. As per surveys, it has been proven that extra light olive oil can reduce the risk of cholesterol and heart disease.

Extra light olive oil benefits

Reduce cholesterol

Extra light olive oil contains high amounts of monounsaturated fatty acids that can help to reduce bad cholesterol in your heart. Even in research, it has been proven that extra light olive oil helps your heart reduce bad cholesterol and decrease the chance of major heart diseases.

Better digestion

Use olive oil for better digestion

Extra light olive oil contains gastric acid motility. This will allow the stomach’s gastric content to be released more gradually and more slowly. This will help your body better digest food and absorb the nutrition in your body more frequently. It will also help to reduce the chance of constipation.

Provides anti-aging benefits

Olive oil has anti-aging benefits

Extra light olive oil contains vitamins e and antioxidants, and compounds such as oleocanthal. That is beneficial for our skin to look more natural. The properties of olive oil help the skin repair skin damage and reduce skin wounds. It is most effective if used as a moisturizer to prevent the skin from aging.

Why is it best for light cooking?

Olive oil best for light cooking

Extra light olive oil is best suited for cooking and baking. Adding extra light olive oil will make your dish more delicious and add nutritional benefits to it. And because it has a higher smoking point and an ultra-refined process, extra light olive oil becomes the perfect fit for baking or any type of cooking.

Where to buy the best extra light olive oil?

For over a decade now, Gaia Good Health has been a trusted brand selling extra light olive oil. Gaia’s good health has benefited various people from international countries. Gaia’s good health extra light olive oil is clinically proven and tested before delivery to their customers’ doorsteps. Get an admirable discount on your first purchase. To find out more about Gaia’s extra light olive oil, visit

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