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Early to Bed

Posted on 4/08/17 6:45 PM
Early to Bed

It is almost always a task to go to bed early. Even when you decide that you’re going to hit the sack at 10pm, you end up wondering at 2:00am why that never happened. You will make another plan to sleep early, and before you know it the clock strikes 2:00am once again. There is no way out of it, is there?

Being healthy is more of a mind game. Sleeping early might be something that you think is not possible, what with so much work to do and so many events to attend. But let’s face the truth, we are experts at giving excuses to ourselves.

Here are the top 3 excuses that prevent us from getting some shut eye by 10:00pm. We’re sure you’ll agree.

3 reasons we avoid going to bed early and why we need to stop doing that to ourselves

  • FOMO

Commonly known as “Fear Of Missing Out” Ladies and gentlemen, FOMO is real! We’re worried about missing the best party in town, the most happening event in the country, the best show on TV, or anything that we think is too important to be missed.

Lesson – learn to prioritize, you will do just fine.

  • Peer Pressure

You’re scared people will find you old and boring, and will stop inviting you out. You’re scared you’ll miss out on a lot of fun things with your friends and loved ones, and in order to stay relevant, you miss out on essential sleep.

Lesson – loved ones will not leave you alone. They’re uncomfortable with this change in you, but they will come around. Plus you will also serve as a source of motivation for them so do not worry too much!

  • We Are Lazy

So how does that make us miss out on sleep? Because we laze around doing nothing. We check Facebook, we spend time on Twitter, we chat on WhatsApp groups. Time flies when you’re on social media, and next thing you know, it’s 2:00am! You were too lazy to sleep!

Lesson – put away those phones, lay down in bed and de-stress your mind. You will realize sleep is not too far away.

We know you agree with these excuses, because all of us have been here at some point of our lives (or still are) Do not fret, there is a way out of it.

How about you try it and show us that you made it happen?

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