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Habits That Will Haunt You Later In Life

Posted on 6/06/16 12:19 PM
Habits That Will Haunt You Later In Life

Isn’t it funny how the good things in life are almost always bad for you? Whether it’s munching on chips or TV-binging till the wee hours of the night, we all seem to enjoy habits that are bad for us in the long run. Here are a few instances you can probably relate to.

Partying till 2:00am on a working day

“I promise to turn in early from tomorrow”, we promise ourselves the nth time.

Eating a lot of junk food because you don’t gain weight

*stuffs face with cake*

Pulling off all-nighters

Just one more episode, the last one ended too abruptly….

Forgetting to drink water

*makes mental note to carry water bottle*

Drinking too much soda

But but…it’s tastier than water.

Midnight munching

How can you watch a late night series without any pizza?!

Snacking even when you’re not hungry

Not my fault! The cake was staring at me when I opened the fridge…

Ordering in because you’re too lazy to cook

I’ll cook tomorrow, I promise!

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