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What is the best time to consume green tea

Posted on 2/04/18 5:48 PM
best time to consume green tea

Green tea has recently gained a lot of popularity. It has significant benefits for body detox that lead to weight loss. Most people are switching to drinking green tea through the day to feel fresh and light. Green tea has high amounts of antioxidants, amino acids and other enzymes.
However, there are a few myths about the benefits of Green Tea. This tea has antioxidants that help your body flush out wastes which leads to weight loss, and the results vary from person to person.
Did you know? You should consume green tea at the right time to be benefitted. You cannot expect wonderful results by sipping it at random hours of the day.

So we recommend you the best time to take green tea throughout the day. It will help you refresh your body and mind while providing a detox.

After Breakfast

Drinking green time in the morning will have maximum advantages for your body and mind. We recommend you to always eat some breakfast after you exercise. Eat healthy food like fruits and oats so your body accepts the diet that follows up. Do not wake up and have green tea, it could lead to dehydration due to the caffeine content it. It could also cause acidity. So eat a healthy breakfast and sip on some green tea post it.

Before going to bed

Wondering when to drink green tea for weight loss? The best time to drink it is two hours before you go off to sleep. It will help increase the metabolism rate of your body as you sleep so you burn fat through the night and wake up to a fresh body and mind.

Before exercise

Sipping on some green tea half an hour before you exercise will lead to an increase in energy in your body. Your mind will freshen up and will further help you burn fat for weight loss.

Before and after meals

Most people prefer having green tea after meals. However, it can lead to an obstruction to your digestion process. So you can have it 45 minutes to an hour before or after your meals.
Now that you have an ideal schedule for consuming green tea, it is time to get started! Feed your body nutrition and do it the right way. You need to understand your body and its requirements correctly. If you wish to explore a wide range of flavours that enhance the experience of drinking green tea, check out our products here

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