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Detox With Green Tea: How to prepare one?

Green tea has earned a reputation as one of the healthiest beverages loaded with high antioxidants. Besides detoxification, green tea helps in weight loss. So you must be wondering how to detoxify daily with green tea. Early morning and evening serve as good times for drinking green tea.

1. Brewing with warm water

People brew green tea with boiling water. Leaving it for minutes is responsible for letting the tea lose its subtle taste and essence. But what we fail to understand is that following this process is responsible for letting green tea release its bitterness. So it’s recommended to enjoy it warm.

2. Don’t drink green tea right after meals

A cup of tea right after meals isn’t good enough for the reduction of fat and burning calories. Rather it is responsible for slowing down the body’s digestion process. So what’s suggested in this case is to maintain a gap of at least an hour or two.

3. Steeping green tea for a few minutes

Steeping the extract for too long won’t be productive and will make the bitter tea taste. Also, steeping too much is responsible for the release of harmful substances. Steep the tea for two and three minutes.

4. Enjoying the drinking process

Consume the tea at leisure. What you should never do is rush the drinking process, as that’s not going to serve the detoxification purpose.

5. Say no to green tea with medication

Drinking green tea with medicine or even just after consuming medicine isn’t recommended at all for the reason that it may increase severe acidity. Drink plain water to wash down medicines.

An additional tip to remember

People usually opt for detox diets as an effective way to fight fatigue. Also, they do so to lose weight and cleanse their bodies. Green tea detox will help with flushing out harmful toxins, and this is one of the options that is increasingly popular. The green tea regime is quite easy to follow if you wish to follow a healthy diet and lifestyle. A few daily servings of tea enhance immune function, helping in fat reduction and boosting energy levels, promoting better health.

Green tea detox involving adding a daily cup of green tea will be flexible when you are looking for an option for reducing calorie intake. But again, do not forget to exercise and follow a diet rich in essential nutrients letting you enjoy the full benefits of the detox.

Also, you can change the duration of the detoxification according to your needs and follow the process for a few days to several weeks.   

Indulging in unhealthy foods that are responsible for clogging our digestive system isn’t a good idea. Detoxing, in that case, will boost the body’s natural way of getting rid of toxins, thus guaranteeing weight loss. A nutritiously focused diet alongside the consumption of healthy beverages like green tea will be highly fruitful for your health!

Final words

Lastly, we can say that green tea is full of goodness and serves as a healthy solution for both detoxing harmful elements and managing weight. Get a beverage that’s delicious and also holds a positive impact on your well-being by indulging in a green tea detox routine!

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