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Amla Capsule Complete Feminine Health Solution

Amla, your essential supplement, is one of the popular edible foods. Ayurveda has been using amla as the main ingredient in most products. A rich source of Vitamin C, Amla Capsule helps boost immunity, the digestive system, and metabolism. In addition to that, it prevents viral and bacterial attacks on the body, including cold, cough, and dengue fever.

Amla capsules made under the guidance of Experienced Ayurvedic Doctors are devoid of artificial chemicals, steroids, adulteration, and animal cruelty.

Why Add Amla Capsules in Daily Regime: Amla Benefits

Amla, known as the vrishya herb, enhances all seven tissues (dhatus), including the reproductive tissue nurturing the ovaries and sperm. A property called garbhasthapana supports fertility and healthy conception. Amla Berry is nurturing for women as it strengthens the uterus and supports reproductive health.

Amla and urinary tract support

Amla Capsules enhance all thirteen agnis (digestive fires) and support Apana Vata. Amla Capsules supportive of the urinary system support a natural diuretic action and do not force water from the body like diuretic pills. Amla Capsules help eliminate waste from the body but do not overstimulate the urinary system. Amla Berry metabolizes easily into Ojas, ensuring that the skin becomes lustrous, the eyes sparkle, the mind attains intelligence and calmness, and the body stays free of disease. Amla Capsules are beneficial as they flush out toxins, regulate the menstrual cycle, and cause hormonal balance. Amla Capsules fight against the negative effects of PCOS, like obesity, unwanted hair growth, etc.

amla for the reproductive system

Amla promotes fertility and also helps to keep the menstruation cycle regular, thus enhancing fertility. A couple having difficulties in conceiving may be benefited from regular consumption of Amla Capsules.

Fighting the Common Cold

Amla, enriched with Vitamin- C, is absorbed more easily by the body than other supplements, so Amla Capsules is beneficial to get relief from cold and cough.

Improved Eyesight

Amla Capsules have a carotene helpful to improve vision and can reduce cataract problems and intraocular tension. In addition, Amla Capsules prevent itching, reddening, and watering of the eyes.

Burning Fat

Amla Capsules are also enriched with protein, control cravings, and boost metabolism. The high fiber content and acids like tannic help Amla Capsules relieve constipation and bloating.

Immune Booster

Amla Capsules possess antibacterial and astringent properties for boosting the immune system. Amla Capsules combat cancer. Amla Capsules, a potent natural antioxidant agent, prevent and repair damaged cells.

Beautifying Hair

Amla Capsules, a proven tonic for hair support, slows down hair graying, reduces hair fall, prevents dandruff, and is also good for strengthening hair follicles and increasing blood circulation to the scalp to improve hair growth.

Improved Skin

Amla Capsules, the best anti-aging ingredient, give you blemish-free, healthy, and glowing skin.

Managing Chronic Conditions

Amla Capsules enriched with chromium help in reducing bad cholesterol. Amla Capsules stimulate insulin production in the body, thereby reducing blood glucose levels.

Pain relief

Amla Capsules have anti-inflammatory properties providing relief in arthritis-related joint aches or painful mouth ulcers.


  • Are Amla Capsules good for vaginal health?

Amount of discharge increase due to vaginal infection or disappear and reappear from time to time. Amla Capsules help to reduce inflammation and reduce infection. Take Amla Capsules for a week continuously for an effective result.

  • Are Amla Capsules good for the uterus?

Amla Capsules, an excellent Ayurvedic remedy, reduce fibroids and their symptoms as they are antioxidant and immunomodulatory.

  • Are Amla Capsules good for hormonal imbalances?

Amla Capsules ensure improved fertility in women. Amla Capsules flush out toxins, regulate the menstrual cycle, and cause hormonal balance. Amla Capsules fight against the negative effects of PCOS, like obesity, unwanted hair growth, etc.

Final words

Buy the Amla Capsules that will benefit your health in numerous ways. Get loads of benefits with the consumption of these magic capsules.

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