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Gaia Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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Gaia Extra Virgin Olive Oil is extracted from the freshest and juiciest olives from Spain to provide enhanced nutritional value. It has a rich texture, fine aroma and an excellent flavor that is perfect for salads, dressings and vinaigrettes.

Olive oil is known to be rich in monosaturated fat that helps reduce bad cholesterol (LDL) and increases good cholesterol (HDL) that protects your heart. It also contains anti-oxidants that provide anti-aging benefits and help keep your skin and hair healthy.

Available in following sizes:
   250 ml       500 ml   
Weight: 250 ml 500 ml
Price: Rs. 350/- Rs. 600/- Rs. /- Rs. /-

Why is Extra Virgin Olive Oil Considered The Healthiest Fat On Earth?

The Mediterranean diet is considered to be one of the healthiest diets for heart health. And the key reason behind this is their choice of cooking oil.

Olive oil is a common staple in Mediterranean diets, and it is also the key reason behind the healthy hearts of Mediterraneans. It is a liquid fat extracted from the fruits of the olive tree and used for cooking and personal care purposes.

People believe cooking oils to be unhealthy due to the fats presents in it. But olive oil is commonly considered to be a great source of healthy fats due to its high amounts of oleic fatty acid. It is used by folk all over the world in salad dressings, creating dips, drizzling over a pizza or even cooking food with it.

People also use olive oil for skin and hair care as it has wonderful emollient properties that help moisturize your skin and keep your hair lustrous.

  • Why Do People Prefer Extra Virgin Olive Oil?

      If you step out to buy olive oil, you will notice there are quite a few different types of olive oil in the market. There is regular, extra virgin, pomace, virgin and light variants.

      Among these, Extra Virgin Olive Oil is considered the healthiest option to consume as it is the least processed of all. It has a rich olive flavour and aroma as it is extracted without involving any heat or chemicals. The nutritional value of extra virgin olive oil is also higher due to such minimal processing.

  • Health Benefits of Extra Virgin Olive Oil
      • Good for Heart Health

      Extra virgin olive oil is composed of mostly monounsaturated fats which are considered healthy fats. These fats decrease the risk of various cardiovascular diseases.

      • Prevents Cellular Damage

      The high amounts of antioxidants present in olive oil help fight oxidative stress in your body caused by free radical damage. This protects your body from inflammation, cellular damage and various chronic diseases.

      • Reduces Cholesterol

      The triglycerides in extra virgin olive oil help lower bad cholesterol(LDL) while simultaneously increasing the good cholesterol levels(HDL). This reduces the risk of several heart ailments like stroke, diabetes and coronary heart diseases.

      • Supports Brain Functioning

      Some scientists suggest using olive oil for diet as it supports healthy brain functioning. A study on mice found that extra virgin olive oil helps slow down the progression of Alzheimer’s disease due to the presence of a phenolic compound in it called Oleocanthal.

      Explore The Amazing Benefits Of Olive Oil That You Should Know

  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil Vs Regular Olive Oil

      Extra Virgin Olive oil is made from freshest of the fruits of the olive tree and extracted without using any chemicals. This retains all the nutrients and flavour from olives. 

      Whereas regular olive oil is a blend of extra virgin and refined olive oil. The nutritional value of regular olive oil (also called pure olive oil at times) is thus lower, and it lacks the rich flavour and aroma too.

  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil Vs Light Olive Oil

      People often assume light olive oil has lower fats or calories compared to extra virgin olive oil, but both these types of oil have the same amount of calories. The term “light” actually refers to the lighter flavour and colour of the oil.  

      Contrary to the extra virgin variant, light olive oil undergoes processing to neutralize the rich olive flavour which some people dislike. This process also increases its smoke point, making it more suitable for deep-frying and baking.

  • Why Choose Gaia's Extra Virgin Olive Oil?

      It is a sad fact that most olive oils marked ‘extra-virgin’ in the market fail to meet the required quality standards. But Gaia is considered to be one of the best olive oil brands in India.  

      Our Extra Virgin Olive Oil is made from the juiciest olive fruits grown in Spain to provide high-quality olive oil at an affordable price. Use it for preparing your favourite dishes or for keeping your skin and hair youthful.

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GAIA Extra Virgin Olive Oil is made with Spanish olives and is chock full of all those essential fats that are good for you.

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