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Gaia Mixed Seeds

Healthy Snacks

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Storage info

Store in an airtight container at a cool and dry place away from moisture and direct sunlight.

Direction of Usage

  • Eat GAIA Mixed Seeds to meet your in-between-meals cravings.
  • Bake it into muffins and cookies.
  • Sprinkle over your salad to add more health.
  • Use it in your bowl of yogurt or glass of smoothie.
  • You can even mix it with your trail mix for an added dose of health and taste.

Gaia Mixed Seeds

GAIA Mixed Seeds brings you a roasted nutritious snack that is made with a combination of healthy ingredients like quinoa, pumpkin seeds, and watermelon seeds. High in protein and dietary fiber and with no cholesterol and no trans fat, this healthy snack will curb your in-between-meal cravings. Furthermore, this healthy mix of seeds contains various valuable nutrients that promote overall health and well-being.

Key Features & Benefits


Promotes overall health and well-being


Contributes to reduce high cholesterol and sugar levels


Boosts your immune system


Prevents bone disorders like osteoporosis


Adds more energy to your day for a longer period of time

Out of stock

frequently asked questions

Why are Mixed Seeds a Healthy Snack?

To meet your hunger pangs, you often bite a cookie, eat a muffin, or go for an option from an endless list of snacking options available in the market. But when you think about health you have to be conscious as to what you are eating and when. When you think of watermelon, a red squashy fruit comes to your vision, when you think of quinoa, a gluten-free snack comes to the picture, and pumpkin brings to your vision a tasty fruit to consume. But have you ever realized the hidden secrets of these food items? Those are the edible seeds of these fruits. You can have a mix of these seeds and relish a wholesome and nutritious food with just a handful of seeds.

What nutrients are present in Mixed Seeds?

Mixed Seeds with a combination of the seeds are highly concentrated with nutrients like zinc, magnesium, potassium, calcium, vitamins, proteins, and fiber.

Why choose Gaia Mixed Seeds?

Gaia Mixed Seeds is a delicious mix of healthy and nutritious ingredients like quinoa, pumpkin seeds, and watermelon seeds. All the seeds are mixed and roasted with a bit of salt to add more crunchiness, aroma, and flavour to this healthy alternative to calorie-loaded snacks.

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