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Holi Celebration Pack of 3

Healthy Super Saver Combos

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Republic Celebration Pack of 3

Gaia Digestive Cookies: Gaia Digestive Cookies is a healthier alternative to the usual high-on fat and low-on-nutrition snacks. It is high in fibre with no cholesterol and no trans fat. Relish these crispy bites as a perfect tea-time snack, any time of the day.

Gaia Oatmeal Cookies: Gaia Oatmeal Cookies are made of oats, whole wheat, and honey that taste good providing you with a variety of health benefits. Baked to perfection, these scrumptious delights are the perfect addition to your daily intake.

Gaia Multigrain Cookies: Gaia Multigrain Cookies contain a combination of six super healthy ingredients- ragi, bajra, soya, whole wheat, oats, and rice that give your body a powerful dose of tasty wholesome nutrition. Loaded with protein, fibre, vitamins, and minerals, these cookies are healthier and better alternatives to regular cookies.

Gaia Dark Choco Chip Cookies:Indulge in the crispy and crunchy Gaia Dark Choco Chip Cookies that are made with multigrain like millets, oats, and whole wheat, baked with delicious dark chocolate chips. It contains no cholesterol, no trans fat, and is high in dietary fibre.

Gaia Lite Sugar-Free Coconut Cookies:A healthy combination of multi-grains like oats, millet, ragi, whole wheat and soya, Gaia Lite Sugar-Free Coconut Cookies are tossed with the goodness of Coconut. It contains zero trans fat, no cholesterol and zero sugar, making it a perfect in-between-meals snack for the weight conscious.

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Chander Shekhar

Sep 30, 2022

Good Quality

Quality, packaging, and taste, everything is up to the mark. Either order it for yourself or your loved ones, I do recommend.


Sep 30, 2022

Tasty cookies

I have recently ordered the pack for a small get-together at my place. It was a great addition to my healthy range of food items. I think I will order the same to have a healthy binge this Diwali party.

Meenakshi Shende

Sep 30, 2022

Perfect Diwali gift

Gaia celebration pack is a perfect Diwali gift for anyone you love and care for. It’s like gifting health on a special day.


Sep 30, 2022

Best Cookies for everyone

I recommend the pack to one and all. Its tasty, healthy, and perfect for all age groups.

Out of stock

frequently asked questions

What is the benefit of this Diwali Celebration Pack?

What can be the best way to celebrate good health this festive season? Enjoy nutritious and tasty cookies to add a spark of health and wellness to your celebration. You can even share it with someone you love as the most special Diwali Gift.

What does the Gaia Diwali Celebration Pack contain?

Gaia Diwali Celebration Pack contains 5 different types of cookies - digestive cookies, oatmeal cookies, multigrain cookies, dark choco chips cookies, and lite sugar-free coconut cookies.

What is the actual weight of this Diwali Pack?

The pack contains 200 gms each of digestive cookies, oatmeal cookies, multigrain cookies, dark choco chip cookies, and lite sugar-free coconut cookies.

What are the benefits of the Diwali Pack?

Gaia Diwali Celebration Pack is loaded with taste and nutrition while making it a perfect snacking option in-between meals. Adding to this, zero trans fat, zero cholesterol, and zero sugar make it a more appealing and healthier alternative for a perfect Diwali treat.

What if I want to use the Gaia Diwali Celebration Pack for gifting and add a personalized note?

You can easily do so. Buy the product through the Amazon platform and then you’ll come across an option to contact the seller. Contact Gaia Good Health and let us know your personalized message, we will craft it with love and care.

Is the mentioned price for one set of 5 different cookies?

No. You will get 3 packs of this gift pack with each pack containing 200 gms of five different flavors of healthy and delicious cookies.

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