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Gaia Dark Choco Chip Cookies – 200g


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Multigrain Flour (44.97%), Maida (20%), Whole Wheat flour (17.77%), Oat flour, Wheat Bran, Soya Flour, Rice Flour, Ragi Flour, Corn Flour, Bajra Flour, Edible Vegetable Oil (20%), Sweetener (INS965, INS953, INS955), Dark Chocochips (6 %). Milk Powder, Cocoa Powder, Edible Refined Soyabean oil, FOS (Fructo-Oligosaccharide), Dessicated Coconut, lodized Salt, Emulsifier (INS322), Colour (INS150C), Chocolate Flavour, Cookies Improver (INS435, INS471), Leavening Agent 500 (ii) & 503 (ii), Preservative INS223), Ethyl Vanillin.

Storage info

Store in cool, dry place and away from sunlight.

Gaia Dark Choco Chip Cookies

Indulge in the crispy and crunchy Gaia Dark Choco Chip Cookies that are made with multigrains like millets, oats, and whole wheat, baked with delicious dark chocolate chips. It contains no cholesterol, no trans fat, and is high in dietary fiber. It is a guilt-free munching option for the cookie connoisseurs.

Key Features & Benefits


Made with dark choco chips is a rich source of anti-oxidants


Made with multigrains like millets, oats and whole wheat


No cholesterol and no trans fat


High Fiber


Low sugar


Perfect guilt-free snacking

frequently asked questions

Does dark chocolate help with heart diseases?

Dark chocolates help in reducing the LDL cholesterol level. And thus, it helps in protecting us from heart diseases.

Is dark chocolate good for skin?

Yes, to some extent, the bioactive compounds in dark chocolate are good for the skin.

Does dark chocolate help with healthy sleep?

Yes, on regular consumption of dark chocolates, you'll get a good sleep cycle.

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