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Muesli Benefits: 10 Reasons You Should Eat Muesli

Posted on 1/04/20 7:56 PM
Reason to eat muesli

Muesli is essentially a versatile cereal comprising of oats and whole grains along with other ingredients such as nuts, seeds, dried fruits, etc. A superfood that has made its way into our breakfast regime, Muesli can be consumed as a bar or as an add-on with some delicious yoghurts and smoothies. The nutritional value of Muesli is such that any health enthusiast can go on an endless sermon preaching its benefits.

  • The Best Way to Kick Start Your Day
  • Due to its high carbohydrate and fibre content, Muesli has been marketed as a breakfast option. It is a fuss-free breakfast that can be had cold along with fresh fruits and yoghurt. And some like it hot, just as porridge. Can we just say that Muesli is that perfect breakfast companion served with nutrition and great taste?

  • High in Antioxidants
  • Muesli is high on antioxidants which go a long way to protect the body against free radical damage. And by doing so, they also prevent premature ageing and keep you healthier and happier.

  • Muesli for Diet
  • Muesli can act as an excellent lunch replacement, especially if you are on a diet and keeping away from junk. It is extremely light on the tummy and yet keeps you full because of the high protein content. After all, why should diets be just starving and boring? Add a spunk of taste to the great health benefits of Muesliand voila – Lunchtime is all set!

  • Muesli as the Last Meal of the Day
  • If you think Cereals can be had only during the day, you may want to check your facts. Muesli is your perfect nocturnal recipe as it is lightweight and easy to digest. Just add some milk to crunchy and delicious Muesli and never worry about your waistline again.

  • Available Muesli Variants
  • It seems like Muesli is not just consumed in different forms but has variantsto choose from as well!

    Bircher or the Naked Muesli

    Deriving its name from one of its Swiss founders Bircher Benner, this form of Muesli is still the holiest with plain ingredients such as oats, nuts, seeds and grated apple soaked overnight in milk or fruit juice.

    The Granola twist

    If you are a muesli fan and like it crunchier, then Granolamight have been invented for you. Keeping all the nascent ingredients of the Muesli same, Granolais the baked cousin of Muesli with a dash of sweetener and edible oils.

  • Easy DIY Recipes
  • Muesli is one of the easiest things to cook in just no time. So, if you are running short of time and planning to drive through a McDonald’s to grab something, why not give the Muesli a try instead? With a host of recipesonline, it can be prepared at home with minimal ingredients. You can always stash some in a jar overnight and carry it for work the next day.

  • Curb Your Sugar Cravings
  • When in need of a sugar rush, brighten up your muesli meal by adding some gojji berries and diced apples and save yourself from the post unhealthy dessert guilt and trauma.

  • High on Nutrients
  • The most noted benefit of eating soaked Muesli is that the nutrients have ample time to get absorbed. This, in turn, deactivates the anti-nutrients that inhibit mineral absorption.

  • Muesli for Diabetes
  • With an average GI rating of 66 and a glycemic load of 16, Muesli can help you deal with type 2 diabetesas well. The high fibre content keeps the blood sugar in check and keeps you satiated for a longer time. The only word of caution here is to look for the unsweetened versions.

  • Muesli for Heart Patients
  • The star ingredient present in Muesli is the oat bran that contains a fibre called beta-glucan. Research claims that Beta-glucan can take down cholesterol levels by almost 10 percent. You may even incorporate some vitamin C in the Muesli preparation for giving an extra boost to your heart.

    The market is flooded with several brands of Mueslieach claiming to be the best. A quick look at the ingredientsand you can decide whether or not to make it as your go-to staple. If you are stocking up on Mueslifor weight loss, do opt for the diet ones by Gaia which are delicious and yet low in calories.

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