A healthy breakfast cereal made of raw rolled oats and other ingredients like grains, dried fruits, seeds and nuts, Muesli can be combined with milk, or even yogurt.

You can start off your day on a productive note with a bowl of muesli for breakfast. This is the ultimate breakfast for all those looking for a powerful start to the day. After all, a power packed day is the result of a power packed kick-start early in the morning. High in fibre and low on fats, muesli is the perfect breakfast option for those looking for healthier choices.  Muesli also supports weight loss. You can even experiment with flavours and recipes with a pack of this breakfast cereal.  You can read all about our quick, healthy and super tasty recipes right here:  Muesli recipes

Advantages: You can enjoy a ton of health benefits with this fibre packed bowl of muesli

  1. It is a rich source of minerals and helps increase metabolism
  2. It is rich in protein
  3. With its high fibre content, it helps aid digestion
  4. It helps maintain great circulation and prevents hypertension
  5. It helps regulate sugar levels in your body