Muesli has grown in popularity among healthy breakfast options, in recent times. Muesli is essentially a mix of ingredients that are good for your well-being in themselves. It’s a dry cereal that comprises of toasted whole oats, nuts, fruits and wheat flakes. Now, muesli has adapted to accommodate everyone’s needs and is available as gluten-free, low-fat, low-sugar, Bircher muesli, toasted, untoasted and even granola is a variant of muesli. While muesli is highly sorted out as a healthy and easy breakfast option, the nutrition in your bowl depends on a variety of factors that need to be considered – like the key ingredients, the way you eat it, and how it’s made. So, here’s a breakdown of all you need to know about muesli before you choose it as an everyday meal – starting with the basics.

  • What is Muesli
  • Nutritional Value of Muesli
  • Muesli for Weight Loss
  • How to Choose Healthy Muesli
  • Muesli Recipes