Our healthy favourite is loaded with good fats, protein, fibre, essential vitamins and minerals
Sprinkled with crunchy seeds for an extra boost of nutrients
Proper nutrition keeps your energy up and focus primed
Grab your bikes or plan a hike taking along this healthful snack, which provides a quick carbohydrate-fueled boost paired with sustained energy from heart-healthy fats from nuts included in trail mix
GET- SET- GO with Gaia Sport trail mix

Trail Mix

Category: Trail Mix

Absolutely essential if you seek active nutrition food, Gaia Sport Trail Mix is loaded with protein, fibre, good fats and essential vitamins and minerals.A truly power-packed healthy snack, its combination of dried fruit, nuts and seeds not only makes it highly nutritious, but mouthwatering tasty as well. It gives you strength and stamina for vigorous activities or any form of exercise such as walking, running, cycling etc. So grab a pack of Gaia Sport Trail Mix and GET-SET-GO.

Weight: 100g
Price: Rs. 160