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Why Muesli is a Better Choice than Creamy Cereal

Posted on 8/05/23 1:40 PM

Muesli, with less amount of sugar and calories than other breakfast cereals, has become a preferred breakfast choice among health-conscious folk because it is rich in fiber, regulating the digestive system and aiding in weight control. Nuts added in it provide a great source of protein, antioxidants, and omega-3 fatty acids.

Muesli and the nutritional composition 

Muesli, a ready-to-eat cereal, and a popular breakfast option, consists of rolled oats, fresh and dried fruits, seeds & nuts. As the first meal of the day, Muesli helps you kick start your day to receive the goodness of carbs. Oats and protein loaded with nuts will be highly beneficial for your health. Muesli, a quick & easy-to-make snack, is loaded with a blend of nutrition and taste.

Muesli, a high fiber-and-protein superfood, contains a multitude of healthy ingredients. Muesli bears about 300 calories and is a hearty meal. Packaged muesli serves as a loose mixture of wheat flakes, oats, and multi-grains topped with pieces of dried fruits, nuts, and seeds. Honey, cinnamon, chocolate, quinoa, coconut, natural fruit, and other delightful flavors also add up to the taste.

Reasons to Choose Muesli over Creamy Cereal

  • Weight Loss

Creamy cereals spoil the health of an individual, while Muesli is a simple recipe handful of ingredients favorable for weight loss! Muesli with the right combination of protein, fiber, and carbohydrates is perfect for fitness freaks; Muesli with skimmed milk or yogurt with added slices of fresh fruits to let you enjoy a hearty breakfast. Muesli, with fewer calories and low sugar, serves as a natural way to have a flavorful meal with the goodness of healthy and nutritious fresh fruits.

  • Diabetes check

Breakfast is a point of concern for a diabetic patient. A healthy breakfast ensures weight management and manages your blood sugar levels. Diabetes patients choose muesli as a perfect low-sugar breakfast alternative. Consuming unsweetened muesli with almond milk helps control diabetes and maintains staple sugar levels.

  • Pregnancy

Nutrients and vitamins loaded in main muesli will definitely serve as a great choice, especially for a pregnant woman, as junk food is a no-no during pregnancy. Muesli, an excellent source of fiber, vitamins, and protein, will be serving as a healthier snack. Also, muesli consumption assists in breastfeeding. Creamy cereals are devoid of iron, a nutrient that breastfeeding mothers usually lack. So it’s worth picking muesli that is Rich in whole grains, oats, and wheat flakes, booting the body with iron, thus eradicating lethargy and fatigue. Also, Oats in muesli improve breast milk production.

  • Cholesterol check

Eating muesli and not creamy cereals reduces cholesterol and heart diseases as it has a high content of soluble fiber (beta-glucan). Dietary fiber lowers LDL cholesterol, and in this regard, it can be said that Muesli with lemon juice favor heart health.

Final say

Muesli, one of the healthiest breakfast options, is packed with loads of nutrients. So ensure eating nutritious snacks by picking the top muesli brand to satisfy your body with the much-needed protein & fiber.

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