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What Benefits do we get from Green Tea with Lemon and Honey?

Posted on 25/04/22 7:12 AM
Green Tea with Lemon and Honey Benefits

When it comes to consuming something healthy before a workout or after waking up, the thing that most fitness freaks have is green tea. When green tea is infused with honey and lemon it becomes better for your health. But what if you are in a hurry and want all of it in no time? The simple answer is GAIA’s lemon honey green tea. This green tea is not only great for your health but tastes awesome. A pack of GAIA’s lemon and honey green tea will cost Rs 190 which is mostly offered at a discount of 25%.

Why should you opt for consuming green tea with lemon and honey?

Green tea itself has an abundance of antioxidants and is the ultimate choice of fitness enthusiasts for the quality it has. The fusion of lemon and honey with green tea helps to enhance the flavor and quality of the green tea and further helps in numerous ways to give health benefits to the person consuming it. Some of the reasons why people choose lemon honey green tea are:-

Better sleep

Better digestion


Fight Inflammation

Cleansing Blood

Boost Immunity

The Benefits of Consuming Lemon and Honey Green Tea

  • Green Tea has beneficial bioactive compounds in it that may benefit patients during post-Covid recovery.
  • Green Tea enriches brain function and the functioning of memory and helps in cognitive function.
  • Green tea and lemon have antioxidants in them that benefit a boosted immunity. Antioxidants can lessen the threat of specific types of cancer. The antioxidant properties of green tea appear to hinder cell injury and the development of cancerous tumors.
  • Lemon Honey Green Tea stimulates skin protection from aging and wrinkles and also contributes other beauty benefits. 
  • Green tea destroys the microorganisms that make our mouth smell awful and removes them effectively.
  • Green Tea prevents type 2 diabetes.
  • Green tea assists to prevent cardiovascular ailments. 
  • If you are eagerly looking for food that helps in weight loss, green tea with lemon and honey can assist you in losing weight as it speeds up the function and improves the fat-burning ability of the body. 
  • It is said that periodic intake of green tea can lead to a longer and healthier life.
  • Green tea benefits lowering cholesterol levels. 
  • It also enables the body to protect itself from cardiovascular disease.
  • The soothing properties of green tea, lemon, and honey also enable to lower inflammation in the body.
  • It accelerates metabolism, rejuvenates, and refreshes.
  • It can also improve mood, diminish stress levels and reduce pain, cramps, and headaches. 
  • Green tea decreases the acidity of pH levels in the mouth and prevents bacteria from discharging acid, decaying tooth enamel, and resulting in tooth decay.


Green tea itself is very good for health and the inclusion of honey and lemon with it enhances its health properties more. So why should we always consume the same green tea with the same taste and qualities? Switch to green tea with lemon and honey that will not only satisfy the taste buds but will also be great for your health.

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