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10 benefits of drinking lemon water with honey that you haven’t heard before

Posted on 22/03/16 3:26 PM
Drinking Lemon Water with Honey

There’s nothing that a glass of lemon water & honey can’t fix. This potent health potion has been passed on for generations, and with good reason! Here are 10 solid reasons you should be drinking lemon water + honey every morning:


Improves digestion:

Improves digestion

A glass a day will make sure you don’t suffer from heartburn or indigestion

Boosts immune system:

Boosts immune system

Fall sick too often? Drink a glass of lemon water + honey for a month and feel the difference!

Hydrates your body:


Summer is just around the corner, so kick the hydration into high gear with this simple change

Boosts energy:


Want to do more everyday? Begin your day with a glass of lemon water + honey

Promotes healthy and rejuvenated skin:


2 weeks of drinking lemon water and honey is all it takes to feel your skin clear up.

Reduces inflammation:


If you’re an athlete or a dancer, this will be the healthiest habit you will ever take up.

Aids in weight-loss


Research indicates that lemon water and honey has slimming properties, and is a great addition to any weight-loss regime.

Cleansing properties


Drinking lemon water and honey everyday will help you detox on a daily basis

Helps get you off caffeine


Can’t kick the caffeine habit? This will help you make the switch.

Reduces mucus and phlegm:


Breathe easy by drinking lemon water and honey everyday.

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