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Gaia Oatmeal Cookies

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Gaia Oatmeal Cookies are made of oats, whole wheat and honey that taste good while they provide you with a variety of health benefits like improving heart health and easing digestion. Their rich fibre content keeps you feeling full for longer durations, proving to be a perfect little dose of nutrition food. Baked to perfection, these scrumptious delights are the perfect addition to your daily intake.

Weight: 200'g
Price: Rs. 55/- Rs. /- Rs. /- Rs. /-
Nutritional Information
Ingredients: Whole Wheat Flour [31.55%], Edible Vegetable Oil [18.41%], Wheat Flour [15.78%], Oats [7.89%], Wheat Bran [5.26%], Honey, Milk Powder, Salt, Milk Flavour, Raising Agent 500[ii] & 503[ii]

Allergen Advice: Contains Gluten derived from Wheat Flour

Gaia Oatmeal Cookies: The Healthy Snack

An anonymous quote on the internet states that cookies make the world a better place. Well, there’s no denying that cookies are the easiest way to pep up your mood and bring a smile on your face. Whether you are facing the Monday blues or chilling out on weekends, a cookie is the best thing to munch on at any time. Now, won’t it be great if your cookie offers the perfect punch of taste and health?

This is where Gaia oatmeal cookies come into the picture. A bite of these crispy and flavorful cookies is what you need to treat your sweet tooth without compromising on your health. No wonder, they are preferred by everyone, including weight watchers. Wondering what makes these oatmeal cookies such a hot favourite? Let’s take a look:

  • What Are the Ingredients for Oatmeal Cookies?

      As the name indicates, oatmeal cookies pack in the goodness of oats. They also include whole wheat flour, wheat bran, wheat flour, and honey that enhance the taste and flavour of these oat biscuits. To make sure that your healthy oat cookies exhibit a crispy yet chewy texture, a bit of raising agent is added to the mixture. Among the other common ingredients for oatmeal cookies are milk powder, salt, milk flavour, and edible vegetable oil. All of these ingredients come together to make your oat cookies a treat to relish.

      Explore Why Eating Oatmeal Cookies Is Better Than Eating Regular Cookies

  • Are Oatmeal Cookies Good for You?

      The answer to this question is a big YES! When it comes to nutrition, oats are your best bet. As we mentioned above, oats are one of the main ingredients for oatmeal cookies. They are known to keep bad cholesterol under control and even stabilize blood sugar levels. One of the major health benefits of oatmeal cookies is that they are low on calories and so, are quite helpful in losing weight. They are rich in protein and dietary fibre that indulge your taste buds while keeping you full for longer. Gaia oatmeal cookies are also devoid of any added sugar, which makes them a healthy item to munch on.

  • Can You Freeze Oatmeal Cookies?

      A craving for cookies can hit you at any hour of the day. Having a few baked cookies stored frozen away for such times is always a good idea. The best part is that freezing oatmeal cookies is an easy task. Now, how to freeze oatmeal cookies? There are a few things that you need to keep in mind while doing that. First, only when they are completely cooled can oatmeal cookies be frozen. Once they are cooled, freeze them individually or stacked in layers, separated by wax or parchment paper. When the cookies are frozen solid, store them in airtight containers. Ensure that the containers are big enough for the cookies to not get crushed when stored inside.

  • Why Gaia Oatmeal Cookies?

      With Gaia oatmeal cookies, you have a healthy snacking option that never fails to entice your taste buds. At the same time, these oatmeal cookies come in ready to eat form and can be easily carried around, wherever you may go. These oat biscuits can be eaten on their own or with tea or coffee. Also, these scrumptious oat cookies do not just curb your hunger pangs but keep you satiated for long.

      Loaded with fibre, protein, antioxidants, and laxative properties, these healthy oatmeal cookies are nothing short of nutritious delights. What’s more, you can easily buy oatmeal cookies online. Isn’t that great?

      Now that you know all about these cookies, what are you waiting for? Order them today and enjoy the rich taste of these healthy cookies.

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