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About Nutritional Supplements

What are Nutritional Supplements and why do I need them?

We all know that human body requires a defined amount of minerals, vitamins, and other essential nutrients for optimum body and brain functioning. But are we able to meet our body needs on a daily basis?

Do you think that the food we eat suffice the nutritional requirements of our body? Logically, if you think, it is not possible. And that’s where nutritional supplements come to the picture, taking your health and wellness to a completely new level.

We at Gaia understand that you need an extra dose of nutrition during your tight, tiring, and hectic schedules while you run your own race in this competitive world. Hence, we bring forth the best supplements, including multivitamins, spirulina, flaxseed oil, aloe vera, amla, neem, and glucosamine, which offer a dose of nutrients and a myriad of health benefits.

Why should I take Nutritional Supplements when I know I eat a balanced diet?

Taking a balanced diet is a good way to stay healthy. However, have you ever measured your daily intake of vitamins, minerals, proteins, or other essential nutrients? No! So, when we have no measure of the same, how can we comment that we have taken our daily dose of nutrition?

This mainly becomes a concern with growing age and with existing deficiency disorders. Under such a scenario, it is best to integrate nutritional supplements to your daily life that contain standardized active ingredients in a defined amount.

What are the common reasons people choose Nutritional Supplements?

  • Age: With age your risk of nutritional deficiency increases, especially Vitamin D and Vitamin B12. Hence, older age makes you inclined towards adopting a daily dose of your nutritional supplements.
  • Health Conditions: There are many health disorders like anaemia, bone inflammation, and coeliac diseases that are caused due to nutritional deficiencies. This requires you to take support of nutritional supplements.
  • Food Allergies: If in case you have any sort of food allergies, you are ought to take supplements to avoid falling short of nutrients in your daily dose of food intake.

How to pick a high-quality Nutritional Supplement?

  • Read the ingredients and do a thorough research on each of the present ingredients.
  • Make sure the supplement is free from hydrogenated oils, lead, mercury, asbestos, etc.
  • Check for the recommended dosage and cross verify by a healthcare professional, if required.

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