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Health and Beauty Benefits of Amla

Posted on 28/05/19 5:38 PM
Health and Beauty Benefits of Amla

Indian Gooseberry a.k.a. Amla is considered a powerhouse of nutrients. See how this sweet, and bitter flavoured fruit is good for your body.

Amla is in season this time of year and it grows all over the country. Amla can be consumed in the form of juice or amla powder, chutneys or pickles. Considered a superfruit that is inexpensive, Amla is full of Vitamin C, iron and calcium and its health benefits are plenty. Have a look at some of the benefits of amla.

Medicinal Uses of Amla:

Immunity: Amla is a rich source of Vitamin C and boosts your immunity system. It also helps you fight against infections pretty easily. This is one of the many reasons why amla can be added to your daily diet.

Improves Heart Health: Having Vitamin C in abundance, Amla can also help you keep your heart healthy. Amla also strengthens the arteries in your heart, making them thick and strong. It’s especially useful for people with bad cholesterol.

Rich In Fibre: Amla is a very good source of fibre, which is essential for any healthy diet and for a healthy digestive system. Though make sure not to go overboard with it or it may cause side-effects that can lead to irritable bowel movement syndrome, constipation, acidity and stomach ulcers.

Reduces Inflammation:  Free radicals in your body damage your skin, heart and even your immunity. These free radicals cause inflammation and are the root cause of many diseases. Amla contains antioxidants that neutralize these free radicals and reduce inflammation in the body.

Helpful To Diabetics: Chromium is a great stabilising agent for your blood sugar and improves the insulin sensitivity of your cells. Amla, which contains chromium is helpful for people with Type 2 Diabetes.

Amla Benefits For Skin: Amla Benefits For Skin


Your skin health is dependent on your intake of Vitamin C. As mentioned earlier, Vitamin C in Amla boosts collagen performance, improving your skin quality and texture, and making it tighter. As a home remedy, you can add amla powder to yoghurt and apply it as a face mask to get that glowing skin you always wanted.

Amla Benefits For Hair:

Amla Benefits For Hair

Just like your skin, your hair also needs Vitamin C to stay healthy. If you add amla powder with sesame or coconut oil and massage your scalp deeply, you can get rid of your dandruff problems and dry scalp. Amla helps you keep a healthy scalp which in turn benefits hair quality.

Amla Supplements:Amla Supplements

Besides the actual fruit, the herbal supplements of Amla are better sources for the nutritional value of the fruit and its benefits.

Amla Capsule: Amla capsules are the best natural supplement of Vitamin C. It contains standardized extracts of Amla and does not contain any colouring, preservatives or flavouring agents. Being a 100% natural Vitamin C supplement, they are beneficial over other Vitamin C supplements.

Amla Tablet: An alternative to the actual fruit, the amla tablet helps you carry the benefits of Amla with you without actually carrying the fruit. It’s also for those who don’t prefer the bitter taste of the fruit. A typical dose is one or two Amla tablets, once or twice a day.

Whether you eat it, drink it or apply it, Amla can do wonders for your health. Amla’s nutritional properties will show you visible results that you won’t want to let go. For better health, try Gaia’s Amla tablets and capsules.

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