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Why to keep Granola Bar Handy

Posted on 19/04/16 11:54 AM
Keep Granola Bar Handy

Are you skipping breakfast because you’re running out of time? Are you unable to find the perfect snack to munch on while you answer calls and respond to emails in the rush hour traffic every morning? All your troubles are about to end, thanks to the granola bar.

Granola bars have gained popularity in the recent years. Much of this popularity has to do with the fact that as a society we are much busier than what we used to be, and on-the-go snacks are more in demand. Whether you like granola with milk, or prefer to have it as a bar, you’re doing your body a favour by adding it to your diet.

Granola contains whole grains like oat, wheat and whole wheat flour. Health benefits of granola in your diet include cholesterol control, improved bowel movements and good heart health. Eating granola in the morning can help you stay full throughout the day without over-eating or munching on unhealthy snacks.

Granola bars are easy, portable breakfast options that keep you energized for the entire day. For those who hate predictable breakfasts, granola bars can be found in various flavours and textures too! Stick to the recommended serving and see how breakfast can be fun, easy and healthy even when you’re travelling.

Another good time to opt for a granola bar is post your workout. High in fibre and essential carbs, it helps you refuel after a tiring workout. Instead of loading up on unhealthy snacks because you’re exhausted at the end of a gruelling gym session, carry a granola bar with you in your gym bag.

And for those who feel hungry in between meals, we suggest you opt for a Gaia Good Health granola bar the next time instead of that slice of cake or pizza. Your body will thank you later.

Though do keep in mind that not all granola bars are healthy. Many varieties contain added sugar and processed flavours. GAIA GOOD HEALTH offers low-fat, fat free and all natural granola bars that meet the needs of customers looking for healthier food options.

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