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Try healthy, delicious, and wholesome cookies

Posted on 6/05/23 10:58 AM
Gaia Cookies healthy

Plant-based, gluten-free, baked vegetarian cookies will satisfy your cravings while not being loaded with refined sugar or preservatives. Packed with fiber, proteins, vitamins, and antioxidants, healthy & nutritious cookies will also not spoil your health for the reason that they have Zero trans fat and no cholesterol.

Regardless of the time of the day you want to consume these cookies, Breakfast or tea-time, enjoy them with hot tea and coffee. The appetizing combo of chocolate and other ingredients makes the baked biscotti cookies the perfect tea-time indulgence. The cookies are loaded with almond meal flour, almonds, honey, dried cranberries, cocoa, cinnamon, and salt, making the gourmet biscuits healthy and remarkably flavorful. The wonderfully crunchy and chocolaty snack also serves as a good source of vitamins, proteins, and fiber. The baked cookies are free of cholesterol and trans-fat, ensuring they serve as a guilt-free indulgence for your sweet cravings. Pick this plant-based, vegetarian treat free from allergens such as gluten and soy.

Why Choose These Cookies?

The tasty and lip-smacking food item satisfies sweet hunger pangs. Right from breakfast to evening tea time, these cookies offer a range of health benefits.

Weight Loss

Cookies help in losing weight! These provide calories, and the body gets the calories needed for metabolism activities, so you won’t eat too much throughout the day. These high in fiber and low in fat turn out to be the ideal food for people who wish to lose weight.

Non-GMO Food

These Cookies serve as delicious and fun treats that are free from GMOs. So there will be no worries regarding the development of diseases immune to antibiotics. Be sure that these cookies will serve as a great source of fiber, helping maintain a healthy digestive system.

High Nutrition

These Cookies boost your health along with taste and deliciousness. The high nutritive value that these Digestive cookies offer to our body makes them the best snacks for people suffering from diabetes and obesity. High fiber content keeps blood sugar levels stable and prevents spikes in insulin production. Fiber helps control cholesterol levels, reducing your risk of heart disease.

Healthy Oils

Healthy baking oils, including olive oil or grapeseed oil and less butter, cut your intake of saturated fats without diminishing the flavors. The digestive cookies serve as a great source of healthy oils and fats essential for brain development in children and help in the development of the nervous system. Essential fatty acids help in improving memory, concentration, and mood.

Final words

Buy these as they help boost your energy. Loaded with whole grain flour, digestive cookies provide a nutritious source of vitamins, fiber, protein, and minerals, helping develop a stable metabolism.

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