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Travel Kit For A Healthier You

Posted on 30/04/16 3:52 PM

So it’s finally time to set out on your dream vacation that you have been planning for months. We don’t wish to ruin your mood, but have you considered the possibility of an illness or injury on the trip? Don’t fret; we have a snug package planned out for you that will stay by your side to combat the unexpected –



A long day of sight-seeing in the sun can result in itching, rashes, burns or even worse, a skin breakout. Before things get worse, apply aloe vera to your skin to cool it down. This soothing gel is best applied at the end of a long day, and early in the morning, a couple of hours before you step out into the sun again.



Carry a bottle or two of water whenever you’re travelling. Do not rely on the water that you might find at your holiday destination since there might be a possibility of contracting infection. Also, keep liquids with you whenever you’re out on the holiday in order to keep yourself hydrated.



Travelling is exhausting. Hours of roaming around in the sun can lead to fatigue and hunger, and it’s not always recommended (or possible) to eat at a restaurant to satiate your hunger pangs. Hours of sitting too might lead to boredom which in turn results in binge eating. The trick here is to snack healthy. Carry a pack of dry fruits with you. Easier still, opt for a Gaia Good Health Granola Bar and much on it every time you get hungry. Not only does it contain lesser calories compared to food from outside, it also has health benefits!

Feel Younger. Live Longer with GAIA

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