Beat Tiredness
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Stay energized during your daily workouts.
By Neesha Maria Bukht


After my workout, I feel I can conquer the world, do anything. Only those who work out know the feeling. But there are days when I feel a little tired during my workout. Do you feel the same?


A feeling of general tiredness during exercise is usually caused by low levels of stored energy. Dr. Mahesh Jukar, fitness consultant, explains, “Your brain gets more than 98% of its energy from sugar flowing in the bloodstream, but there is only enough sugar in your bloodstream to last a short time.” Yet your liver must constantly release energy into your bloodstream. When your liver runs out of stored energy, you get tired. What you eat and drink can have a big impact on how you feel during your workout. Some easy tips to stay energized during workouts.


Eat small meals


Snack on nuts, fresh fruits or sandwiches to maintain a regular energy supply. Drink plenty of water. “Dehydration is the primary cause of tiredness in many people,” says nutritionist Neha Bokil. Alcohol often disturbs a good night’s sleep. As a result you may feel tired during your workout the next day.


Avoid Crash Diets


They sap you of all energy. Without sufficient food, your body struggles for energy and without sufficient energy you will feel tired. Make sure you have 1,875 Kcal everyday.


Don’t give up


Being tired can make you want to avoid physical activity. Which will make you even more unfit. Break this vicious circle and pack enough physical activity into your routine. Begin with 20 minutes a day but be regular. The more energy you put into your workout the more energy you get out of it.