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Stevia is a healthier alternative to the sugar substitute

Posted on 19/04/22 6:54 AM
Steavia is a healthier alternative to the sugar substitute

According to nutritionists, stevia is one of the healthiest and most preferred sugar substitutes. Because stevia contains fewer calories than sugar, which is better than adding sugar to your healthy diet. People also believe that stevia is the preferable herb to add to your daily low-calorie diet because of being free of carbs.

So without taking much time out of your precious day, let’s dive into a deeper definition and discussion of Stevia is a healthier alternative to the sugar substitute

About Stevia

About Stevia

Stevia is a natural sugar substitute made from a leaf-related popular garden product made from flowers like asters and chrysanthemums. In Asian countries, stevia is the most popular because of its health benefits and low sugar levels. They believe that stevia is a natural sweetener for their morning tea or coffee. Some major American soda companies like to add stevia to their drinks rather than artificial sugar.

Stevia is one of the sugar substitutes made from the stevia plant. Because of its lower calorie levels, it is one of the preferable sugar substitutes. Stevia is sweeter than actual sugar, but as a surprising fact, it contains no calories, carbs, or artificial ingredients.

Even if stevia is the preferable sugar substitute, most people don’t like how it tastes. They think stevia tastes like menthol. But if you taste it in your morning coffee and your oatmeal, it will taste much better than usual.

Is stevia a better alternative than sugar?

Taking real sugar daily is commonly harmful to diabetes patients because it negatively impacts their blood sugar levels. Because sweetness isn’t good for your health and might cause a sweet tooth and increase your obesity. If anyone has diabetes, then sugar is mostly prohibited by their doctor.

In this scenario, they can use stevia as an artificial sweetener. So that will be the core reason why artificial sugar won’t raise your blood sugar levels. But as a harsh truth, it has to be considered that no sugar substitutes are healthy if taken in an excess amount. But in a few cases, alternative sugar might increase the craving for more sweets and sugary foods.

Gaia Lite Stevia Health Benefits

Stevia Control diabetes

As per nutrition research, stevia does not add any calories or carbs to your healthy diet. So that it will not affect your blood glucose levels, that allows people with diabetes to enjoy a variety of foods without any health restrictions.

Another survey has proven that stevia has no negative impact on blood pressure or body weight. So, by the facts, it can be clearly understood that stevia has no negative impact on blood glucose levels compared to regular sugar.

Stevia supports your weight loss

Regular sugar can cause obesity and might cause weight gain in our bodies. And even regular sugar isn’t good to take daily because of its negative impact on our health.

But stevia doesn’t contain any carbohydrates, so it will not add calories to our daily health routine. So, in this type of scenario, stevia is the best alternative to regular sugar to add more nutrients to your daily healthy diet.

Maintain healthy blood pressure

In research, it has been shown that glycosides are present in stevia. The glycoside that is present in stevia helps to dilate blood vessels. A survey from 2003 has proven that stevia helps lower blood pressure.

It was included in that study, which said that cardiotonic actions could be found in stevia plants. Normalizing blood pressure and regulating heartbeat are beneficial for normalizing blood pressure. However, a recent study has shown that stevia does not negatively impact blood pressure and helps to improve heart health.


As per the previous discussion, stevia is the most beneficial and preferable natural sweetener. It contains natural benefits and is the perfect alternative to regular sugar. Because stevia has no carbs, it won’t cause your body to gain weight.

Even stevia got FDA approval. So it doesn’t have any effect. It will not cause any harm to your body. According to current research, it is safe to consume for pregnant women because they must reduce the sugar levels in their diet. But before purchasing any stevia product, make sure it doesn’t contain any sugar alcohol because it might cause diarrhea, nausea, abdominal cramps, or other health issues

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