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Spirulina Uses, Benefits & Side Effects

Posted on 14/02/20 5:48 PM
Spirulina Uses, Benefits & Side Effects

Spirulina is a variety of blue-green algae widely taken in the form of a dietary supplement. Spirulina capsule is considered a super compound by individuals mainly because of its stunning health advantages and nutritional content. It comes loaded with vitamin and protein. Thus, it works as a fantastic supplement for individuals on vegan and vegetarian diets.

Research has proven that Spirulina also possesses inflammation-fighting and antioxidant properties. It even has the potential of regulating the immune system.

What is the Use of Spirulina Capsules?

Speaking of Spirulina nutrition, the fact that it contains vitamins and proteins makes it ideal for people who like to lead a healthy life. It can help with several health issues such as fatigue, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, viral infections, high cholesterol, and high triglycerides. Claimed benefits of Spirulina capsule are as follows:

  • The capsule has got some claims for various lipid problems like high triglycerides or high cholesterol.
  • It even holds good promise in regards to the treatment of nasal allergies or allergic rhinitis. It also works in improving symptoms such as sneezing, itching, nasal discharge, and congestion.
  • Studies conducted on the benefits of the capsule also suggest that the capsule can be of good help in decreasing the levels of blood fat, blood pressure, and inflammation.
  • The capsule can also help in avoiding oral cancer in tobacco chewers.

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How to Take Spirulina Capsules?

Sufficient scientific information is not available on the recommended dosage of the capsule. However, the ones who have just started taking the capsule should build their dose slowly. It is ideal for adults to take six to ten capsules regularly, while children should be given two to three capsules daily. The capsules should be taken with water before having meals.

People using it for slimming purposes should take the capsules with sufficient water half an hour before their meals. The capsules should not be taken in the evening as they might make you hyperactive, which might result in you losing out on quality sleep. So, you can take them if you want to work late during the night.

What are the Side Effects of Spirulina?

Spirulina is considered safe, but it comes with added side effects. Certain supplements in this category might be contaminated with toxins. The algae are also said to worsen certain autoimmune conditions. People on blood thinners should avoid the intake of these capsules. Even individuals with allergies and bleeding disorders should stay away. Specific individuals might be allergic to tablets. If you do not take care in this regard, it might cause fatal reactions.

It also comes with phenylalanine. It is an element that individuals with PKU or phenylketonuria should avoid. Other side effects of the capsule include insomnia, headaches, sweating, muscle pain, and nausea. If you are nursing, pregnant, have a thyroid condition, kidney stones, or autoimmune problem, Spirulina might not be the right solution for you.

As is the case with all dietary supplements, it is necessary to take the advice of a health care professional before using Spirulina capsules. It will help you understand whether the supplement is right for you and whether you can have it in combination with other supplements and medicines.

Where to Buy Spirulina Capsules?

Spirulina is probably the richest natural source of vitamins and proteins. This makes it the perfect nutrition food. It also contains fatty acids and minerals along with antioxidants. It would always be a great idea to buy Spirulina organic capsule from Gaia.
Gaia Spirulina helps in building immunity, fighting stress, and protecting eyesight. It even helps in increasing the levels of haemoglobin, and in maintaining healthy blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Thus, it is perfect for your heart.
Spirulina capsules from Gaia will improve your overall health and will also aid in the maintenance of proper body weight.

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