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Neem or Azadirachta Indica has anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and blood purifying properties. Neem helps prevent skin problems and keeps your skin healthy and glowing. It helps regulate blood sugar and is useful for people suffering from diabetes. Neem Capsule increases the bodys resistance against infections by strengthening the immune system and helps de-worm the intestines.

Neem Capsules helps in case of:

  • Diabetes
  • Acne
  • Blood Impurities
  • Eczema
  • Dermatitis
  • Infections
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Neem and Its Health Benefits, Uses, and Applications

Neem is a powerhouse amongst all mahogany trees. Scientifically known as Azadirachta indica, it is a fast-growing tree and is famously known for its vast medicinal values.

Unlike many other trees in its category, Neem is also known for its drought resistance. Meaning that they are one of the only mahogany trees that can grow in very less rainfall (below 500mm) and still give out exceptionally good raw material for medical purposes.

Neem is native to India, and as a matter of fact, it is actually revered as a holy tree in the sub-continent. Indians have been using Neem in many products, not just medicinal but for cosmetics and different organic farming alternatives as well.

However, it was the ancient doctors who discovered that Neem had many medicinal aspects to it, and hence, was heavily used in the Ayurvedic practices. Neem has proved to be relevant and resourceful today as well and has found its way to modern medicine.

  • Benefits of Neem

      Neem is indeed a versatile plant. Literally, every part of a Neem tree can be used for some purpose or the other. But many of its medicinal qualities are used for antibacterial and antifungal problems. Its extracts are infused in soaps and shampoos for dandruff and other skin-based diseases.

      Neem leaves have long been used for traditional treatment of diabetes, and in many cases for controlling blood sugar levels. The benefits of Neem leaves are that they can be used as insecticides and pesticides by farmers in the process of organic farming.

  • Benefits of Neem for the Skin

      Since Neem is widely known for its antiseptic and antibacterial properties, it is used in many skin products.

      Here are some of the benefits of neem leaves.

      1. Heals permanent scars.
      2. Helps fight acne.
      3. Helps control oil on the skin.
      4. Works as an anti-ageing product.
      5. Helps with exfoliation.
      6. Treats scalp infections.
  • Benefits of Neem for the Hair

      Not just skin but Neem has been traditionally used for hair products as well. No wonder it is known as the ‘wonder plant.’ Its raw form is still a major cosmetic used in rural India.

      Once the oils are extracted and processed, they still are strong enough processed use.

      Here are a few benefits of Neem for the hair.

      1. Helps get rid of dandruff.
      2. Effective against head lice.
      3. Helps control hair frizzing.
      4. Encourages healthy hair growth.
      5. Helps reduce greys.
      6. Conditions the scalp.
  • Medicinal Uses of Neem

      Neem is indeed a multipurpose plant. With every part of its tree being used for skin, hair, and health purposes, there is little to no evidence of it healing extreme diseases like cancer. However, there is enough evidence for certain medical issues that can be completely cured as one of the uses of Neem.

      These medicinal uses are as follows.

      Dental Plaque

      Constant use of Neem gel or liquid for 4-6 weeks on your teeth can reduce dental plaque. Not only does it rid your mouth of plaque, but it also kills all the plaque causing bacteria in the mouth. Many dental medications have Neem extracts or oils in them.


      The Neem bark works wonders with ulcers. Since it kills bacteria, stomach and intestine ulcers stand no chance when you use the Neem bark as medication.


      Almost all Psoriasis treatments have some or the other Neem oils or extracts in them. Generally, Neem oil works wonders for such scalp diseases.

      Other neem tree uses are as follows:

      • As diabetes medication
      • Birth control
      • For head lice
      • For malaria
      • Anti-inflammatory medication
      • To treat worms
  • Neem Medicinal Properties

      The above mentioned diseases seem to have a Neem based cure. These cures are actually possible because of the medicinal properties of Neem.

      Here are the following neem properties.

      1. Immunostimulant – Helps improve the immune system.
      2. Hypoglycemic properties – The characteristics that help control sugar levels.
      3. Antiulcer properties – Helps reduce ulcer bacteria.
      4. Antifertility – Works as a contraceptive.
      5. Antimalarial – Fights malaria viruses.
      6. Antibacterial – Fights bacteria and works as an antiseptic as well.
      7. Antifungal – Helps prevent fungal infection on the skin.
      8. Anticancer – Prevents the growth of cancer cells.
      9. Insecticide properties – Works like a pesticide.
  • Neem Composition

      The Neem leaves mainly produce quercetin (flavonoid) and nimbosterol (β- sitosterol) with many more liminoids (nimbin and its derivatives). Quercetin (a polyphenolic flavonoid) is known to have antibacterial and antifungal properties.

      The Flowers have the essential oils consisting of sesquiterpene derivatives, the flowers contain nimbosterol and flavonoids like kaempferol, melicitrin, etc. Flowers also yield a waxy material consisting of several fatty acids, viz., behenic (0.7%), arachidic (0.7%), stearic (8.2%), palmitic (13.6%), oleic (6.5%), and linoleic (8.0%). The pollen of Neem contains several amino acids, like glutamic acid, tyrosine, arginine, methionion, phenylalanine, histidine, aminocaprylic acid, and isoleucine.

      The trunk bark contains nimbn (0.04%), nimbinin (0.001%), nimbidin (0.4%), nimbosterol (0.03%), essential oil (0.02%), tannins (6.0%), a bitter principle margosine, and 6-desacetyl nimbinene. The stem bark contains tannins (12-16%) and non-tannin (8-11%).

  • Dosage

      The dose of Neem depends on many factors such as the age, health, and several other medical information. However,  there is not enough scientific information to determine a standard range of doses for Neem.

      Always remember that natural products are not always safe, and their dosage is an important factor. Before buying any kind of Neem Pills, do follow the relevant steps present on the product labels and consult your pharmacist or physician before using the same.

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