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Gaia Lite Stevia Sachets + Gaia Green Tea

Healthy Super Saver Combos

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Storage info

Store it a cool and dry place.
Keep it away from direct sunlight.

Direction of Usage

  • Take a cup or glass of your choice.
  • Pour warm water in the cup.
  • Steep the packet of Gaia Green Tea.
  • Let it stay for 2-3 minutes.
  • Then remove the packet from the glass.
  • Add one sachet of Gaia Stevia.
  • Stir well with a spoon.
  • Enjoy your healthy and mind refreshing tea.

Gaia Lite Stevia Sachets & Gaia Green Tea

The Gaia Combo of Green Tea and Stevia Sachets is like a blessing to your new fresh day. You start your day with a cup of healthy Gaia Green Tea without adding extra calories or sugar to your intake. That’s where you get involved in the magic and power of Gaia Stevia Sachets that work to control your calorie intake. Ideal for all health and weight-conscious people, the combo is a delicious blend of the finest quality of tea leaves in one product and the finest quality of natural sweetener in the other. So, together it proves beneficial for maintaining and promoting good health.

Key Features & Benefits


Promotes weight loss without compromising your taste for sweetness


Helps control diabetes and reduce blood sugar levels


Works to improve metabolism and immunity


Takes good care of your overall health and wellness

frequently asked questions

Why choose the Gaia combo of Green Tea and Stevia Sachets?

The combo is a perfect addition to your daily routine if health is your priority. You can sip good health in every sip with a healthy and tasty tea without letting your taste buds compromise on your sugar cravings. This is because the Gaia Stevia sachets work to add that sweetness to your tea without adding any extra calories to your cup of health.

What health benefits does the Gaia combo of Green Tea and Stevia Sachets provide?

The Gaia combo of Green Tea and Stevia Sachets help improve overall health and well-being with an abundant presence of vitamins and minerals.

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