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Gaia Organic Whole Green Cardamom

Organic Whole Spices

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About this item




Green Cardamom

Storage info

• Store in an air-tighter glass container.
• Place the container in a cool, dry, and dark place.

Direction of Usage

  • You can either grind green cardamom or use it as pods for adding an earthy, bittersweet aroma to various dishes.

GAIA Organic Whole Green Cardamom

A certified organic spice, GAIA Organic Whole Green Cardamom is all-natural and free from additives. Green Cardamom (or Elaichi) is a rich source of minerals and anti-oxidants that aid in blood detoxification and help alleviate digestive issues. A fragrant spice, it complements both sweet and savory dishes perfectly. Furthermore, the aromatic green pods are replete with many vital vitamins, including vitamin C, an essential ingredient for optimum health.

Key Features & Benefits


Pure & Natural




No Preservatives




Rich in powerful anti-oxidants that aid in blood detoxification and helps with digestion

frequently asked questions

How do you use whole green cardamom?

You can use Green Cardamom either in the form of pods or in the form of powder to add an extra spark of taste and health to your routine food. Even your tea or coffee becomes refreshing and healthy with green cardamoms.

Why choose Gaia Organic Whole Green Cardamom?

Gaia Whole Green Cardamom is free from pesticides and chemicals. It is selectively picked and naturally harvested to make it purer and healthier.

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