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Gaia Organic Turmeric Granules

Organic Whole Spices

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Storage info

Wrap the granules in a paper towel and place them inside an airtight container.
Place the container in the refrigerator to preserve its freshness for weeks and in deep freezer to make it last longer.

Direction of Usage

  • Use it while preparing your morning or evening tea.
  • Add to your daily dishes to add colour and a dose of health as per your requirement.

Gaia Organic Turmeric Granules

Gathered from certified organic farms, Gaia Organic Turmeric Granules is all-natural, contains no pesticides and additives, and has a high curcumin content. A traditional spice and a medicinal herb, turmeric (or Haldi) is a key ingredient for almost every Indian dish. Rich in antioxidants, it is also an anti-inflammatory and anti-carcinogenic agent. Furthermore, these granules retain more yellow colour, delicate aroma, and nutrients than the powdered form available in the market.

Key Features & Benefits


Pure & Natural




No Preservatives




Contains curcumin which has anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory properties

Quick & Healthy Recipes for Turmeric


Honey Banana & Yogurt Smoothie

frequently asked questions

Which is better – turmeric granules or powder?

Turmeric granules have comparatively higher levels of anti-oxidants. In its original form, turmeric retains its maximum potential to improve health conditions. However, if ever needed in powder form, you can always grind the granules for the same result.

What is turmeric best used for?

Turmeric contains a yellow-coloured active component known as curcumin. This component is enriched with antioxidants that work well for various health conditions. It is commonly used for fever, cough, cold, skin conditions, and liver diseases.

Why choose Gaia Organic Turmeric Granules?

Gaia Organic Turmeric Granules is an all-natural spice gathered from certified organic farms in India. The spice is free of pesticides and other chemical additives in an attempt to preserve the richness of the curcumin content. So, you enjoy the yellow shade of your food, the deliciousness that it leaves behind, and of course, the dose of health it delivers after consumption.

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