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Olive Oil – Types & Top Health Benefits for the Elderly

Posted on 5/12/22 12:23 PM

Olive oil is good for health as it improves the digestive system, reduces inflammation, prevents cancer, and moisturizes hair, etc. specific types of olive do specific functions and also benefit the elderly health.

The range of olive oil benefits often makes us rush to the market to grab a bottle, but there’s a need to know about these types. Also, earn about the benefits it holds towards the health of the elderly.

Types of Olive Oil


The extra-virgin olive oil, the best type of all, is extracted by cold pressing to the prevention of the natural content from being altered by high temperatures. Extra-virgin olive oil has lower acidity content compared to standard virgin olive oil. Olive oil retains its natural flavor and aroma. Olive oil is the most commonly used type of olive oil for health purposes and lets you consume or drink it directly without any other ingredient mixed.

Virgin-Olive Oil

Virgin olive oil is unrefined and extracted by the cold-pressing method, which holds the natural aroma and flavors. A slightly high acidity content between 1 to 4 percent ensures that the oil stays temperature resistant as well. Olive oil has a milder taste and is suitable for low-heat cooking purposes.

Refined Olive Oil

Refined olive oil extracted from black and ripe olive fruits has the least amount of virgin olive oil for the benefits it offers in preventing colon cancer. Refined olive oil is good for cooking, especially the cooking processes that need high temperatures.

Pure Olive Oil

Pure Olive Oil is a blend of extra virgin or virgin-type olive oil with refined olive oil. For improvement of the quality, the refined oil needs to get mixed with a better quality one. The added oil holds a higher amount of vitamin E and better flavor.

Olive Pomace Oil 

The pomace Olive Oil is the lowest quality olive oil extracted from the residue after the fruit gets pressed. After the removal of the water and oil from the fruit, the residue retains oil. The manufacturing industries add virgin oil to pomace Olive Oil to improve the quality. It is the cheapest type in the market and suitable only for high-heat cooking.

The benefit olive oil holds for the elderly health

In addition to improving cognitive health, particularly in seniors, extra virgin olive oil reduces inflammation, boosts bone health, and lowers blood pressure. Also, it is responsible for keeping the digestive tract in working order. These days we emphasize our eyes on computers, TVs, and mobiles. Eyesight reduces with age. This is the reason there is a need to pay attention to eyes in time. This is one of the major reasons why elders use olive oil for eye care. There’s a need to lightly massage around the eyes with olive oil, promoting blood circulation around the eyes, relieving fatigue, and making elders feel fresh. Consuming olive oil also benefits the entire body in numerous ways. 

Final words

For the range of purposes it provides, it’s worth buying olive oil that will benefit human health in numerous ways. So purchase it today and use it accordingly for the range of benefits.

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