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Must-Know Benefits of GAIA Green Tea

Posted on 29/03/17 4:17 PM

What’s all this buzz around green tea? Is it because it is the healthiest drink in the world and deserves a whole lot of attention all the time? We’d like to say yes. There’s a lot of literature that suggests so, and we’ve siphoned through a number of them to come up with some key takeaways of Gaia Good Health green tea.

Get set to read some great details here, details that will make you feel extra good about yourself next time you grab that hot cuppa tea:

Health benefits of Gaia Green Tea :

1. Green Tea + Mint
Along with being great for your metabolism, this green tea is a great refresher too! It’s low on calories, reenergizes you and is a great stress buster too. While the green tea enhances the metabolism, the mint rejuvenates the system. It’s a great bet for the summer months.

2. Green Tea + Lemon
This one’s loaded with goodness of vitamin C! With its reenergizing and fat burning qualities this flavor helps you stay fresh and active. This one’s perfect to enjoy on a slow summer afternoon.

3. Green Tea + Ginger
This has the freshness of green tea, and the infection fighting properties of spicy ginger. The anti-oxidant rich green tea helps in digestion and enhances metabolism while ginger helps cure sore throats and gives relief from common cold. This concoction helps build immunity.

4. Green Tea + Jasmine
This fresh and soothing mixture has a delicate flavor and alluring aroma that immediately de-stresses the drinker. Green tea helps strengthen immunity while jasmine is great for calming down to distress.

5. Green Tea + Lemon & Honey Lime
This one’s a zesty mix of sweet honey and tangy lime. Green tea helps build immunity and helps improve memory, as well as aids in proper digestion. A glass of this mix will leave you feeling energized almost immediately.

Now that you know the benefits of each flavor, which one of them is on your mind?
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