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Healthy Festivity

Posted on 24/08/15 6:21 AM

We all know that during festivals, our dietary plans go for a toss. We tend to forget our resolutions and jump into indulgence. Those tempting sweets and tantalizing snacks coax us into gluttony. Everywhere you go during the festive season, someone is ready with a box of sweets for you. And obviously, it would be rude to refuse!

So what do you do about this binge-eating that adds those extra kilos of weight on you? You can enjoy the festive season without losing track of being health-conscious. All you need to do is be cautious and be prepared for the festivities.

Do not forget to exercise. Most people have holidays during festivals and can put that time to good use, like working out a little more than usual. This will help to burn off the excess calories and fat consumed over this period.

Be vigilant about your cooking methods. Instead of frying, make food that’s baked. While roasting, use low-calorie oil. Steam your vegetables in order to retain nutrients and flavour.

If you are going to a big party or dinner, don’t starve yourself all day in anticipation. Have some low-fat, healthy snacks throughout the day. This will also make you eat less at the party. Remember alcohol is fattening too and contains a lot of calories. Try not to over-indulge in it. Be assertive with yourself. If you really cannot eat anymore, don’t let anyone bully you into eating. Just politely say ‘no’.
These simple steps will keep your weight in check during festivities. So go on…enjoy the festival!

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