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Green tea for weight loss: Does it work?

Posted on 12/03/20 4:14 PM
Green Tea Does it Work

Green tea has been famous for its healthy properties for centuries. The drink is rich in antioxidants and known to have medicinal qualities when mixed with other herbs and spices. In fact, the drink has been enjoyed as a popular beverage in many cultures since ancient times. Apart from leaving you with a refreshing taste with every cup, green tea is also known to help in weight loss. Here’s how –

Weight Loss Properties

Green tea benefits are manifold, and your body can immensely profit from drinking this magical elixir a few times a day. There have been many studies that indicate that green tea for weight loss is not a myth but a reality. Green tea leaves contain flavonoids and caffeine. These substances are known to increase the metabolism in your body. When metabolism rises, it further increases the oxidation of fat cells in the body, which ultimately leads to weight loss. Caffeine alone has been linked to weight loss in various studies. Researchers have found that the substance can boost metabolism and increase insulin levels. It also gives the body enough energy to exercise more which ultimately leads to weight loss.

The Best Time to Drink Green Tea

You must understand that in order for your body to react well to the many beneficial properties of green tea, you must pay special attention to the right time to drink it. Green tea is alkaline in nature. This means that when the alkaline drink enters your gut, it stimulates the discharge of gastric juices. Drinking green tea right after waking up has the highest benefits. Green tea on an empty stomach helps you wake up and speed up your metabolic rate at the beginning of your day. Another good time to have the drink is in the evening. You can replace your evening tea or coffee with a cup of green tea. Experts also suggest a cup of green tea half an hour after a meal for better digestion. Drinking a minimum of one cup and a maximum of 2 or 3 small cups during the day is optimal to enjoy the benefits of green tea.

How to Prepare Green Tea

You can either brew the leaves in a pot or simply dip a tea bag in your cup. Either way, it works well. When brewing tea on the stove, you should be mindful not to overheat the tea. The ideal way to make green tea is by bringing the desired amount of water to a boil, adding the tea leaves, and letting it simmer for 2 to 3 minutes. This gives the water enough time to absorb all the nutritious contents of the tea leaves.
Alternatively, you can also boil a cup of water, pour it into a cup, and add a green tea bag. Let it lie for a minute, and then take out the bag to enjoy the drink.

Green Tea Flavours

The best part about these little leaves of magic are the different flavours they offer. You can pick a flavour based on the weather or your mood. For example, tulsi green tea helps with flu-like symptoms, prevents the onset of osteoarthritis, and reduces the risk of cancer. Lemon green tea offers a refreshing taste in summers and gives your body a vitamin C boost. Ginger green tea warms up the body from the inside and helps you keep cold and cough at bay in winters. It also keeps your gut healthy. Jasmine tea is helpful as a sleep remedy.

If your goal is to lose weight, make sure that you drink at least a cup of green tea in a day along with some mild exercise. You will see positive results soon enough.

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