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Gaia Time

Posted on 31/05/16 12:42 PM
Gaia Time Granola Bar

7 AM Get a boost of energy with Gaia Trail Mix before work out

Gaia Trail mix is a perfect partner to your workouts. It has the right combination of nuts and dry fruits which keeps you energised during exercise.

10 AM Anti-Oxidants are more effective than Caffeine

Rejuvenate on Tuesday mornings with a steaming cup of Green Tea instead of coffee.

4 PM Snacking isn’t a problem anymore

Get your snack on with GAIA’s Multi Grain Cookies. Your kids will discover that healthy can be tasty too.

5.30 PMYour tea break partner

You don’t have to regret indulging in a little tea-time snacking with Gaia’s Multi-Grain cookies.

6 PM Your diet’s best friend

GAIA Granola bars are high on nutrition and low on calories so go on, indulge.

9 PM Late night snacking just got fun

Late night binge just got healthier, grab a bowl of muesli for all your late night movie marathons.

Feel Younger. Live Longer with GAIA

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