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Foods to keep you warm in winter

Posted on 26/10/17 3:22 PM
Foods To Keep You Warm In Winter
  • Green TeaGreen Tea

    A cup of hot green tea is rejuvenating and has great de-stressing properties. It also helps in fighting infections like the flu, and helps maintain great digestive health. What’s more, a cup of green tea also helps speed up metabolism and helps in weight management!
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  • CinnamonCinnamon

    Cinnamon is known to boost metabolism, which in turn lads to generation of heat. It also helps build immunity and protects against cold and cough.
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  • Fresh fruitsFresh fruits

    Fresh fruits like papaya, pomegranate and oranges are great for the winter season! They are rich in Vitamin C, and thus help build immunity and fight common cold and other infections. They are also great for hair and skin.

  • DatesDates

    Dates help you stay warm as well as infection free! They contain nutrients like iron, potassium, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Copper, Magnesium and a lot more. They are also high in fiber, and help promote great digestive health. They’re also god for effective blood circulation.

  • TurmericTurmeric

    Turmeric has been used as a medicinal spice since time immemorial. Not only does it add flavour and colour to the food, but also helps fight infection with its anti-inflammatory properties. A pinch taken with milk helps keep the body warm.
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  • HoneyHoney

    Honey is the best medicine for the winters! It keeps you warm, and helps build a stronger immunity. It also aids digestion.
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