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Everything you Need to Know about A2 Cow Ghee

Posted on 3/02/22 8:51 AM
Gaia A2 Cow Ghee is Now TellUs A2 Cow Ghee

Ghee, loved by generations, is a composition of fats present in the milk. This can be produced using many conventional techniques that are present across Asia.

In India, it is mostly referred to as “Desi-Ghee”, and is considered to be the healthiest way to add nutrition to our diet. Whether in sweet or savory dishes, it is widely used as the main ingredient. The compounds of ghee have medicinal properties, making it a healthful alternative to refined oils. Since ancient times, it is considered an agent that eradicates the symptoms of diseases from the body, due to its high anti-inflammatory properties, and it is considered a medicine in Ayurveda.

The purity of ghee depends a lot on the kind of milk fat that is being used to make it. The most popular cattle milk used for this is either Cow or Buffalo, and Cow’s Ghee is considered to be healthier than the latter because of its unique properties. This also means that the quality of milk is also an equal and important factor to determine how healthy the Ghee is. There are mainly 3 kinds of milk quality available in the market; A1, A2, and a combination of the two. Research determines that the components of A2 milk are much better and more beneficial than the other two, and hence the quality of the by-product, which is ghee, is also considered to be the healthiest.

Gaia A2 Cow Ghee is now Tellus A2 Cow Ghee, a revamped packaging branding, with the same nourishment and taste.

Some of the benefits of including A2 Cow Ghee in your diet are:

● A2 Cow ghee improves your digestion

● A2 Cow Ghee is a natural aid for your bone health

●A2 Cow Ghee, rich in vitamin K2, is considered best for heart patients for maintaining good heart health

● A2 Cow Ghee gives adequate nourishment to Children

● A2 Cow Ghee improves immunity

● A2 Cow Ghee improves eyesight

Ghee is also lactose-free and can therefore be consumed also by those who are lactose-intolerant. So why wait? Add a spoonful of Ghee made of A2 milk to your diet for your overall wellbeing.

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