7 Surprising Benefits of Granola Bar

When you think Granola Bars, you think health! And mark our words, a Granola Bar provides you with health benefits that are more than just one. Learn about Granola Bars and their many benefits with us, right here!
They are generally composed of rolled oats, honey & dry fruit and are superb energy boosters which are best consumed during breakfast or as a pre-workout.

Granola Bars in India are gradually becoming very popular, especially among working professionals, hikers and anyone looking for a quick energy-pick-me-up.

When it comes to benefits, GAIA Granola is a power packed wonder. Here are some ways how Granola Bars can be advantageous to your body and mind.

1) Reduces Cholestrol
Granola Bar’s soluble fiber can help reduce the harmful cholestrol. This is the kind of cholestrol that causes the build-up of plaque in the veins and arteries which leads to the increase in blood pressure and cholestrol.

2) Boosts Energy
Granola Bar is a concentrated form of energy that doesn’t pump your body with unhealthy sugars. It gives you the energy you need without any ‘crash’ or sluggish-ness.

3) Prevents Anaemia
Anaemia is the deficiency of iron in the red blood cells. Granola bars have a significant amount of iron which counteracts the anaemia causing a prevention of anaemic symptoms like headache, fatigue and irregular breathing.

4) Great Source of Vitamin E
A single Granola bar can provide 20% of the daily requirement. Vitamin E protects the skin, hair, nails and improves heart health.

5) Great Source of Protein and Fiber
Not only is Granola Bar your source of protein, but also its intake makes you feel fuller for much longer. Your hunger pangs reduce and consequently your cravings too!

6) Helps Weight Loss
Granola Bar is light to consume and yet filling for the stomach. It is low in sodium and cholestrol, which are both major factors of obesity. It reduces the appetite and the production of the hormone that makes you feel hungry often.

7) Helps Increase Cognitive Activity
Since Granola Bar is low in sodium and high in potassium, it helps reduce blood pressure and increases blood and oxygen flow in the body and the brain. This consequently helps boost your cognitive functions greatly. Granola Bar can be a great brain food option for you!

Gaia Granola Bars much like the other Granola Bars, provide adequate amounts of nutrients. Our four variants of Granola Bars, range from Chocolate to Banana & Cardamom. It’s low fat, and a great alternative to junk food. Loaded with iron, vitamin C and multi cereals, GAIA Granola Bar is the ultimate power in a pack.
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Granola Bar

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