5 excuses all of us give ourselves to avoid the stairs

Taking the stairs can be painful, literally. We’re also pros at coming up with excuses to avoid this pain. We listed our top favorites.

  • I live on the 11th floor! How am I supposed to climb that?!

  • I didn’t eat much today, so my body doesn’t need to burn anything. I’ll take the elevator.

  • It’s too late at night to take the stairs.

  • I just drank so much water, I shouldn’t be climbing the stairs.

  • I walked 2km today, why should I take the stairs?

But they say no pain, no gain. Unfortunately this is true, and climbing stairs can do us a lot of good. Did you know? Climbing stairs is twice as more effective as walking? What we’re saying is, ditch those excuses and take the stairs!

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