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7 Surprising Benefits of Granola Bar

Posted on 27/03/17 5:24 PM
Benefits Of Granola Bar

They are generally composed of rolled oats, honey & dry fruit and are superb energy boosters which are best consumed during breakfast or as a pre-workout.

Granola Bars in India are gradually becoming very popular, especially among working professionals, hikers and anyone looking for a quick energy-pick-me-up.

When it comes to benefits, GAIA Granola is a power packed wonder. Here are some ways how Granola Bars can be advantageous to your body and mind.

What are granola bars made of?
Granola bars are generally composed of rolled oats, honey & dry fruits and are known to be superb energy boosters. The ideal time to have a crunchy granola bar is as a breakfast option on-the-go or post a healthy workout.

Granola bars are gradually becoming very popular in India, especially among working professionals, hikers and anyone looking for a quick yet delicious pick-me-up.

When it comes to benefits, the GAIA Granola Bar is filled to the brim with vitamins, minerals, and all the necessary energy you need to keep you on your feet through the day, without taking you down. Here’s how granola bars can do wonders for your body, and therefore, your mind!

1) Reduces Cholestrol
Granola bars contain soluble fiber can help reduce the harmful cholesterol that might be circulating within your arteries and threatening your heart health. Bad cholesterol, or LDL, is the kind of cholesterol that causes the build-up of plaque and fatty lipids in the veins and arteries that lead to an increase in blood pressure and cholesterol. Bad cholesterol usually enters your body through trans fats and oils that have a high fatty content. Granola bars help tackle this and help your body get rid of LDL, thus keeping your heart fighting strong.

2) Boosts Energy
Granola bar is a concentrated form of energy that doesn’t pump your body with unhealthy sugars. It gives you the energy you need without any ‘crash’ or sluggish-ness. Our GAIA Organic Granola bars are loaded with just the right amount of sugar with a low fat and low-calorie percentage to help you stay energized through the day without having to worry about your weight. Excessive sugar intake can lead to your body becoming hyperglycemic and increase the chances of you contracting heart diseases and even diabetes.

3) Prevents Anaemia

Prevents Anaemia
Anaemia is when the body has a deficiency of iron in the red blood cells. It leads to issues such as fatigue, constant weakness, low energy, and the like. Not to worry, though—here to save the day and your health are granola bars and their crunchy goodness loaded with iron! Consuming iron-rich foods such as granola bars help your body to counteract symptoms of anaemia and prevent chronic headaches, irregular breathing and fatigue. breathing. So if you are experiencing symptoms similar to these, grab your nearest GAIA Granola Bar today and prevent the onset of anaemia in your body.

4) Great Source of Vitamin E

Great Source of Vitamin E
Who doesn’t want silky, strong hair and soft, glowing skin? Or healthy nails and protection from sunburn? Well, the vitamin responsible for these commonly desired qualities is Vitamin E. Aside from the usual sources of this particular vitamin such as almonds, peanuts, soyabeans and green leafy vegetables, you can also have your daily dose of the same with—you guessed it—a granola bar. What’s more, a single granola bar can provide you and your body with a whopping 20% of the daily requirement of Vitamin E! Awesome, isn’t it? GAIA Organic Granola Bars are here to make sure your hair and skin stay in tip-top shape.

5) Great Source of Protein and Fiber

Great Source of Protein and Fiber
As mentioned before, granola bars are an amazing source of protein and soluble fiber. The protein in a granola bar keeps you fuller for longer, while helping build and strengthen your muscles. The fiber cleans your digestive tract and improves your metabolism. Therefore, granola bars, such as our GAIA Organic Granola Bars, are the perfect option for a constipated stomach. Aside from everyday health problems, the protein and fiber obtained from granola bars can help reduce heartburn and even prevent colorectal cancer, which is cancer of the colon.

6) Helps Weight Loss

 Helps Weight Loss
Granola bars have long been hailed as an ideal snack for weight watchers, thanks to its easily consumable quality, convenient packaging and nutrient-packed goodness, as mentioned before. Aside from being good for one’s weight, granola bars are low in sodium as well, which reduces the appetite and keeps you feeling full for a longer amount of time, thus reducing your food intake. Sodium and cholesterol are both major contributing factors to obesity, both of which granola bars fight.

7) Helps Increase Cognitive Activity

Helps Increase Cognitive Activity
The high potassium content in granola bars and low sodium make them ideal for fighting high blood pressure. It also increases the flow of clean blood and oxygen to the brain along with the rest of the body. This means your brain can work faster and more effectively thanks to the power-packed granola bar.

Gaia Granola bars, much like the other granola bars, provide just the right amounts of nutrients necessary for your body’s daily intake. We have four variants of granola bars, ranging from chocolate-flavoured to banana to cardamom. It’s the perfect low-fat alternative to junk food, packed with vitamins A, C & E and minerals such as iron and potassium.

So, where can you get this powerhouse of goodness? GAIA Organic Granola Bars along with our other healthy eating products are available on the online stores of Amazon, Grofers, Big Basket & more. Good health is now at your fingertips with GAIA Good Health!

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