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7 Summer Foods To Beat The Heat

Posted on 29/04/16 3:48 PM
Summer Foods To Beat The Heat

With the temperatures touching 40 in the month of April, it’s hard to imagine what the terrifying month of May has in store for us. With humidity levels reaching an all time high, it has been a tough month dealing with low energy levels, dehydration and fatigue. It’s imperative to note that it’s not just the liquids that have an effect on our body temperatures; eating the right food will also help you maintain your body temperature this summer. Allow us to help you with 7 food items that you must include in your diet this season –


A simple glass of the good old nimboo paani is all that you need to stay cool this summer. Not only does this tasty drink keep you hydrated, but also has a bunch of health benefits. A chilled glass on a hot summer afternoon is all that it takes to regulate your body temperature and bring your energy level back to normal.


Have it as buttermilk, lassi, raita or simply eat it straight out of a bowl, curd is the perfect coolant for your stomach this summer. If you face problems with your digestive system especially in the summer (the heat waves tend to get to you!) opt for a bowl of curd after lunch. You can also add fruits to make some lip- smacking desserts!


Not only are melons tasty, they also help maintain your hydration level. Did you know a melon was made up of 90% water? So next time you’re hungry this summer, opt for some healthy snacking with almost zero calories with these melons.

Coconut water:

Loaded with proteins, cooling agents, sugars and electrolytes, coconut water helps keep your body hydrated. Did you know it’s also a source of anti-ageing elements?


Another healthy option (with zero calories!) this summer is the cucumber. If you’re not much of a water drinker, eat a few slices of cucumber- it’ll fill you up AND cool down your body.


We Indians love mint- we put it in raita, biryani, curries, chutneys and a lot more. And what better time to have this in your diet than the hot summers, when you’re craving for a refreshing taste?


Eat a lot of onions this summer. They are especially great at preventing sunstrokes. Add them to dips, raitas, curries, salads and chutneys to help keep you cool. Did you also know that the red onions could be used to fight allergies?

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