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7 Struggles You Face When You Try to be Healthy

Posted on 19/08/16 4:36 PM
Struggles You Face When You Try To Be Healthy

It’s festive season and staying away from delicious-albeit unhealthy-food is definitely a challenge. Here are a few struggles that we’re sure you can relate with

1. Picking the ‘healthier’ option from an unhealthy choice

Sweets or fried food? What could possibly be a healthier option when these are exactly the types of food you are trying to stay away from?

2.  Forcing yourself to keep a track on your calorie intake during the day

What could be worse than limiting your diet and having to keep a watch on your calorie intake? Absolutely nothing! It’s a real nightmare when you realize you’re missing out on so much good food!

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3. When you feel guilty for having eaten more than one…of every food item 

The guilt does not go away. You end up feeling horrible for the rest of the day and feel like you need to work on your self control.

4. Reminding yourself of the amount you need to exercise after the festivities end

Going to the gym every morning is a task. When you realize how much you’ve excessively eaten, you realize that it’s going to be a challenge to lose all those calories.

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5. Watching everyone else eat all the food you are craving

If you thought not being able to eat your favorite food was bad, watching everyone else eat it is even worse. When you are trying to be healthy, this is probably the biggest sacrifice you will have to make.

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6. Finding boring alternatives to your favourite dishes

The best way to have your cake and eat it too, is to find a healthy alternative to your favourite dish. It definitely won’t be the same, but worth a try.

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7.  Not having much choice at parties

So when you are on a diet, you really can’t eat much at parties. Unfortunately, food at parties does not generally cater to your diet and you’re left with almost nothing to eat!

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But we believe in you! With a positive attitude and some determination, you can break the unhealthy barriers and join our Green Revolution!

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