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7 Reasons Why You Need To Include Spirulina In Your Diet

Posted on 6/06/17 1:06 PM
include spirulina in your diet

What is spirulina?

Spirulina is algae. It is the same algae that is found floating on the top of a pond. So how does this make it’s way to a healthy diet? There is a long history behind this, a major part of which stems from the tribes of Africa who realized that eating it kept them full for long. It wasn’t until 1974 that spirulina was actually declared one of the best foods for the future.

Advantages of Spirulina

  • It is a powerhouse of protein. powerhouse of protein.

Spirulina has the highest concentration of protein known to food (65-71% by weight) The amino acids in spirulina have roles in cell metabolism, detoxification, tissue regeneration, repair, and more., and also influence the function of your nervous system, cardiovascular system, hormones, and muscle.

  • It is rich in vitamins rich in vitamins

Spirulina is rich in vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, E, and K. Spirulina has the enzymes and nutrients that your body can actually absorb and use intelligently.

  • It helps in regeneration of cells.regeneration of cells

Spirulina contains phycocyanin which has the ability to trigger the production of stem cells (cells that can become any cells that the body needs- blood cells, immune cells, muscle cells, ligaments, anything!) By producing these stem cells, your body has the continuous possibility of being rebuilt.

  • It helps in weight loss.weight loss

Spirulina contains zinc, magnesium and essential fatty acids. These help in controlling the appetite and cravings. By eating spirulina, you’re giving your body the raw materials it needs to stay healthy.

  • It has anti-aging effects.anti-aging effects

Spirulina is incredibly rich in antioxidants that protect against DNA damage and the premature aging of cells.

  • It helps in cancer prevention.cancer prevention

Numerous studies have found spirulina to have anti-cancer cells. They also said that compounds in spirulina were found to inhibit HIV-1 replication in the cells.

  • It helps fight allergiesfight allergies

Those suffering from symptoms like watery eyes, stuffy nose, itchy throat etc, spirulina is great to opt for as it stops the release of histamine (allergens)

These are just few of the benefits of spirulina. Wondering where to get your hands on this superfood?

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