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7 Healthy Breakfasts to Opt for This Week

Posted on 28/01/17 4:16 PM
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Eating a healthy and well balanced meal when you are having a super busy morning, always seems like a long shot. Way more significant matters occupy your mind than the mundane idea of having to pan out a 3 course meal.

In order to resolve a rather stressful morning, we bring you 7 easy- to- make breakfast option, one for each day! All you need is a positive attitude and some creativity!

1) Sprouts for a Motivational Monday

These are very easy to make. All you have to do is make sure you soak a handful of sprouts the night before. Keep some tomatoes and onions with coriander and lime, ready to mix.

Since they aren’t cooked, but just soaked, sprouts retain all their essential minerals and vitamins.

2) Cottage Cheese and Veggie Sandwich for a Toasty Tuesday

Multigrain bread stuffed with your favourite veggies like carrots, onions & capsicum along with some cottage cheese is an ideal hustle-free breakfast option. It gives you the right dose of protein, carbohydrates and dairy. Top it off with a bowl of fresh fruits and you’re all set.

3) GAIA’s Masala Oats – Wellness Wednesday

This breakfast option is nutritious and ready- to-eat anyway! In order to add more fresh zesty flavour and nutrition you can always opt for some chopped onions, carrots, capsicum and peas with a dash of lemon. You can sauté them first before tossing them into the oats.

4) Muesli Crunch French Toast for aTasty Thursday

Rise and shine with a Muesli Crunch French Toast. Dip two multigrain breads into a bowl of whipped egg and coat it on both sides with Muesli. Cook for 2-3 minutes on both sides and serve with Multi-floral Honey a dash of cinnamon and a bowl of fresh fruits. This wonder meal is high in fibre and good calories. It makes for a perfect wholesome breakfast.

5) Egg Salad Wrap for aFit Friday

Here is a perfect way to begin your day! Make a two egg fluffy omelette with egg whites, salt and pepper. Place it in a multigrain flat bread or rotiand pack it in with thinly sliced cucumber, onions, capsicum and beetroot. This salad wrap is served best with green chilli sauce and a glass of fresh juice. This dish can give you the perfect kick-start to a long day.

6) Savoury Chickpea Pancakes for aSuper Saturday

This high-protein vegan breakfast is another great way to kick-start a good weekend. It’s naturally gluten-free and very nutritious.

Substitute flour with chick pea flour or besan and season it with salt, pepper & chopped onions. Add 2 tbsp. of Olive Oil and whisk thoroughly. Coat the pan with olive oil and pour the chickpea batter on it. Cook till golden brown and serve hot with salsa or tomato chutney. It’s a great substitute for sweet flour pancakes.

7) Mushroom Tomato & Basil Egg Scramble for a Sensible Sunday

This delicious breakfast is a delicious dish that can be prepared under 10 minutes. Whip up two eggs with mushroom, basil leaves, onion and tomato and scramble it in a pan smeared with Olive Oil. Enjoy it with some Multigrain bread and a cup of green tea. It’s the perfect way to unwind the healthy way and of course it’s low fat and very nutritious.

Start your day right with well-balanced meal and know you will be able to power through the day with a happy mind and healthy body. Enjoy good health with GAIA.

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