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6 Healthy Food Swaps You Need To Make Today

Posted on 21/12/16 11:53 AM
Healthy Food Swaps

It’s not easy to control your food cravings, especially when you’re famished! And it’s always the unhealthier option that you get down to choosing, from that restaurant menu.
So, how about we help you?
Understanding what you’re craving is important but it doesn’t just stop there! There are pretty concrete solutions to deal with them and we have bought you 6 of these!
Take down these tips, because we’re sure all of you will need them!

1) Craving: Chocolate
This is the boss of all your cravings! When you crave chocolate, you need to have it SOMEHOW! It’s the most common craving which works on endorphins and makes you want to feel good – so why would you not want to help your body to some, right?
But let’s just get to the bottom of this for a second.

What your body actually needs: Amino Acid Phenyl Ethylamine
It helps in releasing the body’s endorphins which result in a sort of relaxation. So instead of grabbing yourself a giant bar of chocolate or the most sinful cake from your nearest bakery, you can:

Substitute it with: Oatmeal, Couscous, Hummus, Grapes, and Cranberries
This way you don’t even have to worry about that sugar crash, once you’re done with your sinful indulgence.

2) Craving: Bread
Bread related anything is available anywhere! Burgers, Pizzas, Naans, and Sandwiches – you name it. But excessive bread intake can lead to a high carb count and an increase in blood sugar levels.

What your body actually needs: Nitrogen and Amino Acids

Substitute with: beans, peas, lentils, oatmeal, spinach, mushroom


3) Craving: Fried Snacks
Your body is craving fat! And who said all fat is bad? If you entirely cut out on eating fat, chances are your body will crave it more, which will result in gorging on unhealthy fatty snacks.

What your body actually needs: Good Fats
By opting for good fats, you get the nutrient you need which will also do away with your fatty food cravings.

Substitute with: Kale, almonds, dried fruits, spinach, olive oil drizzled food, sesame seeds

Fried Snacks

4) Craving: Coffee
Often when we feel tired and lethargic, we reach out for a mug of coffee, what we actually need is some iron to replete its resource in our body. So instead of opting for caffeine, a whole array of products can be substituted to battle those caffeine cravings.

What your body actually needs: phosphate, sulphur, iron

Substitute with: nuts, black cherries, legumes, beans, fortified cereal, chickpeas


5) Craving: Carbonated Drinks

If you can’t seem to get through the day without some fizz, you’re probably feeling the lack of calcium in your body. Increasing your calcium intake through the day, can help combat the aerated drinks addiction.

What your body actually needs: Calcium

Substitute with: Kale, almonds, spinach, mustard greens, oranges, sesame seeds, broccoli

Carbonated Drinks

6) Craving: Salty Snacks

This is depletion of chloride in your body. So, instead for reaching out for that delicious tortilla chip, substitute it with the healthier alternative.

What your body actually needs: Chloride

Substitute with: tomatoes, lettuce, celery, olives, seaweed

 Salty Snacks

So, the next time your friend reaches out for those French fries, you know what to tell her/him. Knowing more about what you eat, always does the trick!

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