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5 Ways to NOT Ditch Your New Year’s Resolutions

Posted on 17/01/17 3:02 PM
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Did you know, today is Ditch Resolution Day? But by now, you should know that GAIA refuses to give up that easy.
“Ditch Resolution,” you say…”Get up & start running,” – is what we’ll say!

The struggle is real and is the story of every one’s life at some point.
You say you will cut down on desserts from January but Republic Day passes by and no action is taken so you decide maybe after Holi festivities it will be more ideal and before you know it, Diwali 2017 is here and you’re still pretty much still stuffing your face with ladoos by the plenty!

If you don’t want to repeat this again in 2017, let us take over.

Where’s your meal plan? Disclose that grocery list to us! There’s no ditching that resolution if GAIA’s around. We’re here to make you do your job.

It’s not just will power but absolute discipline too!

Let’s begin at…

1)    Starting Small

Replacing unhealthy behaviours with healthy, takes time.
Instead of going cold turkey on your bad habits, phase them out.  If you wake up at 10 am and wish to wake up earlier for a run, it’s a better idea to try for an 8 am morning slot rather than directly 6 am on your first day. Chances are the excitement might last for a couple of days and exhaustion might hit the roof few days after if the change in routine isn’t a gradual process.
As the saying goes, slow and steady wins the race!

Starting Small

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2)   Talking about it

Each little milestone no matter how insignificant it might be, deserves a little pat on your back. Don’t shy away from your small efforts but let your family and friends know!

Use social media as a medium to show your progress. Have people involved in your success to keep you motivated and encouraged even when sticking to that healthy meal plan seems like your Everest! That small ‘way to go’ or ‘so proud of you’ comment on your Facebook profile could be that one sweet word of encouragement that can brighten your day.

Talking about it


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3)   Having a Buddy System

Friendship is keeping that chocolate bar safe from your friend till she gets to her cheat day!
It’s not easy to take on resolutions without company.

Partner up and keep reminding each other why you were so determined to carry out this resolution in the first place.

If she snoozes her alarm, be at her doorstep to pull her out of bed!

Having a Buddy System


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4)   Keeping Your Spirits High

How? By keeping your body engaged in activities you like.

Whether active or stationery, take out some amount of your day to do what you love; watching your favourite show, taking your dog for a walk or meditating even.
Often due to a tiresome and stressful day, energy levels get blocked in the body. You can get them flowing by going for a quick sprint after office hours or doing some jumping jacks. It’s been scientifically proven that during exercise, protein like BDNF (Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor) & chemicals like endorphins are released which tend to reduce the feeling of pain associated with exercise consequently leading to a feeling of euphoria.
So keep yourself moving!

 Keeping Your Spirits High


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5)    Focusing on the Bigger Picture

Remember why you decided to make this decision and why you wish to continue with it.
Keep writing in a journal and referring to your previous diary entries to regain your determination! Know that your long time goal is wellness. Being healthy today, gears you up for good health tomorrow. Love yourself enough to live a healthy lifestyle!

 Focusing on the Bigger Picture


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So in conclusion, if you’re anxious about staying true to yourself and sticking to your resolutions don’t worry! There are plenty of days in 2017 to get you back on track.
Over and above it all, make sure to be kind to yourself. Remember that minor setbacks are normal. Just because you gave into that one brownie last night, doesn’t mean you’ve given up being healthy all together!
Everyone has ups and downs, so resolve them and keep moving forward. We believe in you!

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